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E-mail: lucethira@growlanser-realm.com

If you wish to contact me, please feel free to send an e-mail or private message on the forum. Please don't hesitate to report errors, suggestions, or if you'd like to contribute information or media. I will gladly give you credit should I implement it on the site.

Website about the RPG series Growlanser. Attempt to be a comprehensive source of information. This website is launched March 2008. Growlanser deserved a website long before that though so I finally took it on myself to do it. I wish I could have made it sooner, but unfortunately I just never had time before.

Lucethira - Webmaster

Thanks to Borgor and Inverse for English translation of GROWLANSER I.
Thanks to Chudah's Corner for information and images of music soundtracks.
Thanks to Child of Eve for lyrics of GROWLANSER I and VI songs.
Thanks to Ayu Ohseki for translation of Growlanser V Generations Comic Anthology.
Thanks to my brother Cuckooguy for the awesome webhosting.

Webmaster information
I'm a loyal Growlanser fan and love to see its fans. I love the games and it seems as though they've possessed my soul as I love to buy related books/CDs and hunt for fan art on Japanese websites. I love to draw Growlanser fan art and yes, I have a little crush/obsession on Zeonsilt.

Lu's Links:
My LiveJournal - Artblog where I also fangirl and sometimes post GL-related stuff.
Ano Tobira he - My very own pure Growlanser fan art site.
My Y-Gallery - My general online gallery. There is yaoi content. I also have a Growlanser club here.

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