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Chaos Wars
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Chaos Wars

A crossover SRPG by Idea Factory. Characters from several video games are featured, among them are Growlanser characters. A normal high school boy, Hyoma Kusaka, suddenly finds himself transported to a strange new world. This is usually what happened to all the other characters found here too; from Shadow Hearts, Gungrave, Spectral Souls, and more. Some characters are summoned here by finding specific Keys. They all join to try to find a way back to their own worlds.

When you recruit characters, their game info and profiles appear in the game's encyclopedias with picture galleries.

Here is how to find the Growlanser characters.

Carmine: In Chapter 2, do Fighting Woman quest in Shalulu Island to find him.

Zeonsilt: In Chapter 4, do Backyard event to obtain Two Spears Key. Use it to summon Zeonsilt.

Not required, just a clue. Talk to Carmine sometime in the base and he will say Tipi feels Glosh (Growshu) toward Garaze.

Monica: Go there and do a Quest or Search to find Monica in Chapter 4 or 5.

Jurien: In Chapter 5, do My Road event. Carmine is required.

Lyell: In Chapter 6, do Gentle Sinner event. Monica is required.

Not required, just a clue again. Talk to Zeonsilt sometime in the base and he says he wants to go to Elshant.

Mervina: Zeonsilt required and must be in Main Members. Do a Quest or Search in Elshant and Mervina might appear. You must defeat her with Zeonsilt.

Silvernale: In Chapter 6, do Royal Card main event.

Chriass: In Chapter 8, do the For Peace main event at Toriltram.

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