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Characters > Amelia

Age: 19
Height: 164 cm
Voice: Yukari Tamura (JP)
GLI (PSP version only)
Likes: research books
Dislikes: complicated geography
Special Skill: research of new technology

A girl researching the space-time distortions. She is an excellent researcher who receives special treatment at even the Magic Academy. She has deep knowledge of the space-time distortions because she believes it is important for the safety of their world. However, outside of research, she is clumsy and will blunder on crucial situations. She has terrible sense of direction and can't remember people's faces. She still is friendly and kind to others. When she meets Carmaine, she mistakes him for someone else, Belgar. She is acting together with Melfie and Justin. She looks at war with scorn and wishes it to end.

(Spoilers under construction)
When Justin and Melfie attack Venzern, Amelia makes off with the stolen Growshu. When Carmaine's party must investigate a cave to find a special stone to disable Venzern's magic powers, they find Amelia in the secret part of the cave. She somehow sent Carmaine and Tippi to another part of the cave which has the magic-blocking crystals. Carmaine collapsed here however Amelia restored him. When Carmaine's party goes to Gevel's cave for the second time they encounter Amelia again and she joins them to go through the cave and create a special ring which has a stone that is a crystallization of Gevel's leftover aura. With this, Carmaine can keep on living without worry, and one is created for Richard as well.

Amelia disagrees with Justin's way of making the dark matter fall and harm people.

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