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Age: 20
Height: 157 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Voice: Mamiko Noto (JP)
Origin: Monopolis

A girl confined at the Lennox research laboratory for some reason. She seemed to know Merklich and was disheartened when he could not remember who she was. When she was acquainted with him he gave her hope in life when she despaired. She is daughter of Brandole, the commander of Monopolis, and younger sister of Shuweizer.

Merklich sought her help when Maxwell committed suicide because she has the ability to travel through time. It was the result of experiments done on her and when she performs the time travel ability, it takes a toll on her body and she requires a special medicine as her ability is imperfect. Due to her time travel ability, it seems she can foresee the future to a certain extent. She is gentle-mannered and is willing to stake her life to help other people.

Her body was weak since she was young, and various medical research was performed on her. They found a way to make her health like that of a normal person. When the previous commander of Monopolis passed away, Brandole became a totally different person. Because of that, many new medicines were developed, tested on Anita. The doctor requested to stop the experiments on Anita but Brandole, who was truly Infinitor, did not listen. Anita was troubled over why her father acted so differently. Merklich informed her that Brandole had been possessed by Infinitor.

She had spent just ten days with Merklich before and fell in love because he changed her life. She lost the will to live because she only passed her days as an experiment subject confined in a small room. She wanted him to remember that time. When Merklich was recovering in the medical facility, Anita was charged with taking care of him, and she caught sight of a terrible scar on his chest. She wanted to know how he got it, as he always had a sorrowful expression when he looked at it.

She has a friend who lives in Dastis and they exchange letters. They had been friends since elementary school. The friend says Anita was cheerful and often did humorous things as a child.

After Shuweizer was shot by Neilis, Anita became new commander of Monopolis.

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