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Brett Varner (Bruce, Warmer)
Age: 20
Height: 176 cm
Voice: Kousuke Okano (JP) | Ned Schuft (EN)
GLII, GLIII importable
Likes: farm work
Dislikes: hunger
Special Skill: geological survey, farm work
Origin: Bronue, Rolandia

A guard who works at the Dimensional Fusion Control Tower. He was found in the Tower by Wein's group when they pursued Arieta (possessed by Gevas) into it. Brett was found collapsed and hungry. They fed him and he told them that a band of mercenaries had attacked and declared ownership of the tower. He hid from them but had no food to eat and collapsed. Because Wein's party rescued him, Brett join them in their fight. They defeated Gevas, and went on to fight against Wolfgang and Maximillian.

He is from the village of Bronue, Rolandia. He has a carefree and easy-going personality. He is somewhat unreliable, but his willingness is stronger than most others. His talent lies more in farm work than as a soldier. He is also proficient in geologicial survey. He is a country boy at heart, and feels lost in a big city like Burnstein.

As a child, he was taken in and raised by Ariost's father. To pay back the debt of gratitude, Brett put his spirit into field work. His dream was to become as great a person as Ariost, his childhood friend. He left the village with high expectations, but reality was unsparing. After a period of wandering he obtained a job as a guard.

Brett Varner is only recruited if Ernest Lyell is not recruited.

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