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Charlone Claudius (Claudios)
Age: 15
Height: 161 cm
Voice: Tomoko Kawakami (JP) | Megan Nissink (EN)
GLII, GLIII importable
Likes: black tea
Dislikes: coffee
Special Skill: archery, piano
Origin: Starkberg, Burnstein

The young daughter of noble social status. Her home is in Starkberg, a magnificent mansion. She is a strong-willed, diligent girl with ambitions to become an Imperial Knight. She is well-informed, having knowledge of important events and persons in recent history. She idolized Julia Douglas, the first female Imperial Knight, and wanted to become just like her. Therefore she entered the Burnstein military academy.

She was a student in the military academy with excellent grades. Half a year after the war between the three countries ended, she was assigned to be in Wein's squad along with Hans. Their first mission was to investigate armored attackers appearing in the villages near the border of Ranzack. She often bickered with Hans because of their contrasting personalities.

She has a younger brother, Pietro, who was ill and had difficulty walking. Doctors initially said he would not live past the age of 10. His parents even gave up hope, but only Charlone still held hope. She always talked to him about the outside world, and it gave him will to live. Pietro still lived because of his sister's love and companionship. There was a new medical operation that can cure Pietro but he refused to undergo it because it was supposed to be painful. Charlone made a promise that he had to have the operation if she became an Imperial Knight.

Wein's party traveled to the Magic Academy and on their way back they were framed for breaking a dam in Rolandia, causing great damage. The Rolandians believed that Wein's party did it and it sparked a war between the kingdoms. They had to get back to Burnstein to clear their names and investigate who was really behind the crime.

She saw a flyer announcing the formation of the Unicorn Brigade, a female-only squad led by Julia Douglas. Charlone wanted to apply but they first had to get back to Burnstein and prove their innocence. Wein suffered from poison from an arrow but kept pressing on so that they could return to Burnstein in time for the exam. She successfully became a Unicorn Knight and told her brother. Although not an Imperial Knight, it was still a special class of knights. She convinced him to undergo the operation for her, pleading that he must not lose to the illness after she has worked hard, as it may be too late to save him if they waited until she became an Imperial Knight.

Because of what Wein did for her, she requested to accompany him on his mission of finding the true criminal. Her father Claudius disapproved of her travelling with Wein because Wein was a commoner, even though her father originally gave her permission to study in the military. With the state of war in force, he didn't trust Wein's leadership and feared that Charlone could die because of it, and her status was too good to be associating with common soldiers. Claudius ordered that she stay home, but she refused and went with Wein.

Claudius then disowned his daughter for being disobedient. He distrusted Wein and would only accept him if he became an Imperial Knight.

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