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Commander 13
Voice: Masato Amada (JP)
Origin: Infinitor's army

A man who has the same face as Merklich and appears frequently in his dreams.

2000 years before the events of Growlanser VI, Commander 13 was a subordinate of Infinitor. Infinitor came to the planet to steal its energy. Commander 13 led an army to fight the First Shrine Maiden (Iristelessa's ancestor) as she had the power to defeat Infinitor. However he was defeated by the Shrine Maiden as she was more powerful than he anticipated. He expected to be killed, but she instead let him live and requested him to help her. He believed that fighting against Infinitor was useless, but she and her fairy companion convinced him that they had to at least try, joining forces, because she had a plan and needed cooperation.

They went to fight against Infinitor on the soaring ship, and after a long battle the First Shrine Maiden managed to seal Infinitor inside the Dragon Orb. She lost her life. Infinitor's ship began to sink and Commander 13 had to escape with the Dragon Orb. On this ship were clone pods, and he had used them to make clones of himself to be his subordinates. The pods were also escape units. The ship was sinking fast and before the pods set off to escape, he declared that the mission of his clones from then on was to protect the Shrine Maidens. He didn't make it in time to escape himself. The clones in the pods were put into cold sleep, and one is to be awakened every 200 years to accompany the shrine maiden in her quest to strengthen the seal on the Dragon Orb. They are called Brave Guards.

Since he betrayed Infinitor and even fought against, Neilis, his former comrade, she despised him and the shrine maiden, vowing to kill them for several generations.

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