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Age: ?
Height: 4' 9"
Voice: Hiromi Hirata (JP)

GLIV (PSP version only)
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Origin: ruined village

Elder sister of twins. Contrastive to her sister Meline, she is serious, calm, and polite. She does not say much but will speak out to control her sister when she behaves strangely. Crevanille's party encountered them several times in different locations. They seemed to be following orders from Vester. She acts very loyal and subservient to Vester.

Crevanille encountered Meline and Cynthia attacking Pamela and Magnus in Dulkheim. Meline and Cynthia had summoning abilities and used them to fight. Crevanille's party defeated them and they teleported away.

Like Meline, she had lived in the ruined village before Vester attacked it fifteen years ago. Cynthia and Meline were killed and resurrected by Vester to be used as pawns. They hadn't aged since then. She believed Vester's words that he would resurrect her parents, so she followed him tenaciously. She would even leave her sister if Meline was not useful to Vester.

Cynthia fought in the battle at Mount Eizenvant to defend the summoning cannon. She was determined to succeed in order to see her parents again, but Crevanille defeated her and talked her into her senses.

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