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Characters > Eliotte

Age: 14 [I] / 15 [II]
Height: 165 cm
Voice: Kyoko Tsuruno / Tomoko Ishimura (JP)
Likes: sweets, adoptive parents
Dislikes: dogs
Special Skill: etiquette
Origin: Burnstein

A timid young boy with excellent manners for his age. It seems he was raised rigidly disciplined by his parents, in a place far apart from any other people. Although those parents are not his real parents, they love each other like a family. He and his parents were found being pursued by bandits at Deris village, and Carmaine's group rescued them. This was the first time Eliotte ever saw the world outside his home. At the same time, meeting Carmaine and Louise was the first time Eliotte made friends in his life. Eliotte was to go to Rosaria to deliver a letter, and they parted. With Carmaine's help, Eliotte made it to Rosaria and he stayed there a while.

He has a striking resemblance to Prince Richard of Burnstein who was newly kinged. It was suspicious and there were attempts to kill Eliotte while he was in Rosaria after Richard was kinged. Without knowing his origins, Eliotte became a central personage in the war that enveloped throughout the continent. Carmaine and his group help to solve the mystery of Eliotte's identity.

Shortly after Eliotte was born, Gevel created a clone from Eliotte's cells and replaced Eliotte with that clone. Eliotte was to be killed, but Venzern sheltered him secretly and had subordinates raise him. Those subordinates were a man and woman couple and they were Shadow Knights, becoming Eliotte's adoptive parents. Eliotte's real name was Richard, however he kept the name Eliotte. His real mother's name is Angela. With Carmaine's help, he retook the throne from Richard and became king. Although he was naive, he grew into an appropriate appearance of a king, able to be respected by his people.

He reigns on Burnstein's throne, but often sneaks out of the palace to fight to protect innocents.

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