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Characters > Gevas

Age: 600 estimated
Height: unknown
Voice: Jirou Saitou (JP) | John Truitt (EN)
Likes: freedom
Dislikes: sealing
Special Skill: none in particular
Origin: original world

The master and originator of Gevel. Gevas was from the world that originally existed before humans used the time-space fusion plan to migrate to it from another world. He was the king of the original world's living creatures, the Gevs. Gevas had much more intelligence and strength than Gevs.

Two hundred years ago he was defeated and sealed by Growsians. Gevas couldn't be destroyed. Gevas' body was imprisoned in the Dimensional Fusion Control Tower. The ruler of the Growsians extracted the soul of Gevas and divided the power between the two strongest Growsians, Venzern and Arieta, to contain it. However as time passed, Gevas recovered his power, and his urge to destroy manifested in Venzern. Gevas gained control of Arieta's body and made her go to the Dimensional Fusion Control Tower to transfer back to his own body.

Gevas wanted to take back his world from the humans who stole it from him. When he transfered his soul from Arieta back his own own body, he also took her soul to hold it hostage. If Wein destroyed Gevas, it would also kill Arieta.

Wein's party fought and defeated Gevas. Because he was weakened from being contained in the tower for two hundred years, Wein was successful.

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