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Gevel (Ghevel)
Age: 100 estimated
Height: 8 m approx.
Voice: Tsuyoshi Takishita (JP)
Likes: human flesh
Dislikes: Growsians, magic
Special Skill: Yung and human clone creation
Origin: Featherians

A legendary monster who was sealed a long time ago in the crystal mines. Gevel seeks to rule human society. Before, he aimed to subjugate humans overtly but failed. Having that experience, he plotted to indirectly manipulate humans from the shadows. Therefore he created the clone Richard from Eliotte's cells, the prince of Burnstein. He can manipulate his clones and planned to use Richard as a puppet king and control human society.

A long time ago, Featherians created Gevel, a biological weapon based on a strong and intelligent creature native to this world. Featherians used them to fight against Growsians because Featherians couldn't fight against Growsians' magic. However, the Growsians captured Gevel and rebuilt it to become their own weapon. They made Gevel unable to use its powers when faced against a Growsian. Therefore Gevel is weak to Growsians. The Featherians resigned and secluded themselves away from humans. The Growsians then used Gevel as a tool to rule over people. Even if Growsians disappeared, Gevel will keep wanting to control people. There were also Growsians who sided with the humans, and they sealed Gevel within the crystal mines with magic.

Gevel escaped from the mines twenty years ago and attacked the mercenary group that Wallace was in. All of the other members were killed but there was no trace of the captain Belgar, so Wallace went to search for him. Gevel created mass clones of Belgar to be his private army because he was a strong human who could actually fight against him. One of them is Carmaine, sent to Rosaria as an abandoned baby. Gevel can control his clones and he serves as their source of life energy.

Gevel plotted to have all Growsians killed so that nothing could threaten him. After Richard was dethroned, Carmaine's group sought to find and destroy Gevel. However, after that Carmaine began to weaken because his life source was gone.

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