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A young and up-and-coming sculptor who works as a miner at Valmie. He carves sculptures using magic crystals. He feels that his current lifestyle is at an impasse and is thinking about a revival as an artist by having personal art exhibits.
Voice: Chieko Atarashi
Wife of the former king of Burnstein, true mother of Eliotte. Richard was raised as her real son. She was troubled over Richard's sudden change in personality. So that Richard wouldn't learn that he was a fake, Angela was taken away from the palace and confined to live in a royal villa. She confirmed that Eliotte is her real son and the true prince, and supported taking the position of king away from Richard.
Alkadious (Arcadius)
Voice: Yasunori Masutani
King of Rolandia. A kind and wise king who is working to implement peace between the nations. Although he is gentle, he has strong decisive ability and will give precise orders to his subordinates. His judgment in times of emergency is superior; not even when his daughter Letitia was taken captive did he lose his presence of mind. He appointed Carmaine as a knight and gives him missions to fulfill to work at attaining peace for not only his own country but for the whole world. Sandra supports him loyally as an advisor.
Ariost's Father
A Bronieu villager who left behind many wise sayings. He was the founder of the village and he raised orphans. He found the injured Featherian Gina and nursed her to health. He was known as a kind-hearted man. He also was passionate about philosophy and left behind many wise sayings to his son.
A young man staying at the Rashell health clinic. His girlfriend Mira was a Growsian and was swallowed up in the Growsian disappearance case. After losing her, his life was sent into living in grief.
An opera singer who stays at the Grandshill inn. Anyone who hears her singing voice is moved emotionally. Her talent is certain, but she cannot perform because there is no suitable theater in the whole continent for her scope.
Voice: Munehiro Tokita

Voice: Tetsu Inada
A strong warrior who led the mercenary group that Wallace was a part of. Ten years ago he went missing from the incident at the Crystal Mines in which Gevel revived and escaped. Wallace spent many years searching for him to no avail, but Belgar actually lost his memory and was recovering at the Rashell clinic.

Belgar was actually born in the past where Growsians used to rule. He revolted and led the rebel army to fight against the Growsians. He was defeated by Venzern and subjected to experiments, and from those results, Venzern obtained a way to fuse with Gevel. Because of those experiments, Belgar has the ability to manipulate time-space. Belgar escaped and stole the Power Stone, using it to travel through time and end up in the current era. Sierra saved him, and he married her and they had a child, Xenos. He left home and became leader of a mercenary group, and Xenos resented him. The mercenary group was destroyed in fighting against Gevel at the Crystal Mines in Valmie. Belgar was severely injured and became an amnesiac. From his fight against Gevel, Gevel admired how strong Belgar was and based clones on him to be Gevel's personal army. Carmaine was one of these clones. Later when Gevel appears at the Rashell clinic, Belgar fought him again and regained his memories. Belgar later died protecting Carmaine's group from Venzern.

Voice: Naoki Kinoshita
A general who defends Rolandia's northern area, he commands the troops stationed at Nostridge plain. He has high command ability, and ordered retreat from the army led by Oscar Reaves. He works out strategies from the back rather than fight on the front lines.
Voice: Tamotsu Nishiwaki
Vice chancellor of the Magic Academy. He has a nervous personality but he is actually a kind person. His field of research expertise is the dispelling of magic curses. He holds excellent knowledge in this field and he uses it to release traps found in dungeons. He knows that curses are normally frightening to people so he usually doesn't like to show off his research. He was able to undo the curse that Gamuran set on Karen. After Maxwell died, Bradley became the new chancellor of the Magic Academy.
Bradley's Secretary
Voice: Hisayoshi Suganuma
Voice: Moriya Endo
A Rolandian general stationed at Rajin Fort, he defends the southern area of Rolandia. His ability is well-known as the best in the kingdom. A resource general excelling in defense tactics, he is deepy trusted by King Arcadius. He has been able to defend Rajin Fort from Burnstein and Ranzack. He especially excels in intelligence-gathering, such as when Princess Letitia was captured by Burnstein, his scouts found out the schedule of the convoy transporting her to the prison. With this information, Carmaine's party was able to rescue her. Bronson has also been granted management of the ruins in the lost forest.
Danny Greys
A scholar who is very knowledgeable about Featherians. He lives in Comsprings and is the author of the important book about Featherians which is kept in the Magic Academy library. He is passionate about learning about Featherians and loves to share his knowledge with people who are interested.
Voice: Yasuhiko Tokuyama
A former Imperial Knight who now governs Schutzberg in Burnstein. Because he wanted to pass the family title to his own child, he placed heavy responsibility on his daughter Julia. As her father he was deeply disappointed that she was born female. When Julia's younger brother was born, Douglas places his hopes on his son instead. However, inside his heart he holds deep regret toward Julia. He has a strict personality but he thinks of his children.
Dungeon Man
The manager of the evolved cave created by Featherians. He is a normal man who resides in Schutzberg. He will warp people to the cave if they say the password.

Eliotte's Foster Parents
Voice: Jin Domon (father)
A man and woman who raised Eliotte away from the Burnstein throne, by Venzern's orders. They lived with Eliotte for many years and loved him, however they were actually members of Shadow Knights. As they were servants of Venzern, they were bound by a spell to obey his orders or else die.

Voice: Tomohisa Aso
Former member of Belgar's mercenary group, he was one of the vice captains along with Wallace and Weber. He uses curses and poison to bring situations into his favor. After Belgar's disappearance, he joined Burnstein and led the Shadow Knights, a group that carries out dirty work behind the scenes. He is called the Shadow Knight Master, and wields command ruthlessly. He is sly and cruel and will use foul means to accomplish what he wants.

He deceived Xenos to manipulate him because he had his eye on Xenos' sword skills. He had Karen wounded by henchmen and then hired Xenos as a Shadow Knight because Xenos needed money to pay for Karen's medical expenses. Carmaine's group told Xenos the truth about Gamuran, and shortly after, Karen was abducted to be a hostage to further manipulate Xenos. Gamuran cast a curse on her that could take her life whenever he pleased. Carmaine's group broke the curse with Bradley's help and rescued Karen. Later, Carmaine's group defeated Gamuran and he was killed.

Voice: Tomoko Fujino
A Featherian who fell in love with a human. She is Ariost's mother. In the past she travelled to the human land to search for the Power Stone. She got wounded and was rescued by Ariost's father. She hated humans at first and criticized his futile efforts of adopting and raising children who were thieves. But he made her see that humans have a strong heart and she fell in love with him and accepted the goodness of humans. The Featherians eventually noticed that she had gone missing. They found her and took her back to Featherland and she was put in isolation for 20 years for violating Featherian rules.
Girl at the Clinic
A girl hospitalized at Rashell clinic due to serious illness. Her home is in Valmie, but her parents argue over hospital expenses so she is lonely. The only thing that supports her heart is her pet dog, Pechie, and her adoration for the knight Ernest Lyell.
Girl at the Clinic's Father
Father of the girl hospitalized at Rashell clinic. He is a wandering kenpo artist. When his daughter is saved, he will teach Carmaine a new weapon.

Voice: Kazuya Nakai
An eyepatched weapons dealer who schemed to prolong the war for personal income. He tried to damage relations between Rolandia and Ranzack. He leaves a lot of work to his subordinates, but in important situations he will personally fight. He fights on any side if it is in his own interests. He helped Carmaine fight against the Monster Tamer because he didn't want to let Rolandia lose the war yet. He was involved with Maxwell by participating in the Growsian disappearance case, and Maxwell supplied him with magic crystals to sell on the black market. He turned his back on Maxwell when the situation turned unfavorable. His brother assembled a band of thieves, but died and Oswald took his place.

Grengar's Brother
Boss of a band of thieves, he fights with the weapons from his older brother. These weapons are reported to be experimental versions of rings weapons which Grengar made. He leads Oswald and the other bandits.

Voice: Airi Yoshida
A Growsian woman who works at the Rashell health clinic as a doctor. She took care of Karen and saved her life after she was seriously hurt by Oswald. She is from the village of Medis and therefore has abundant knowledge of pharmaceutics. She has a boyfriend named Nick who is protective of her. When there was the threat of Growsians being hunted, Irene was taken to the Magic Academy for refuge. However, Chancellor Maxwell was actually using the Growsians as test subjects in his experiments to achieve Growsian powers. Carmaine's party rescued her but Irene almost lost a lot of her memories. She became crippled but due to Carmaine's time-space intervention ability, she returned to normal. Later, she married her lover Nick and lived in happiness.

She regularly visited Maximillian's mother every week in Comsprings for medical treatment. When war broke out again, she became stuck in Comsprings.

A member of the "Three Nation Continent" theatrical troupe. He promotes sales at Rashell. Although the troupe is not well-known, they have prominent performance ability. Comedy is their strong point; they do not cease to turn the playhouse into a swirl of laughter.
Leader of the orchestra, "Joney Quartet", living in Burnstein capitol. All of the members are top-notch musicians, but their name is not popular.
Julia's Brother
Julia's younger brother and son of Douglas. He is training in military arts but his skill is inferior to his sister's. After losing in a match with Julia, he decided to train in weapons to polish his mind and body.
Voice: Yukiko Mannaka
Princess of Rolandia, King Arcadius' daughter. A polite and kindhearted princess who has rarely been outside the castle. She was invited to Prince Richard's coronation ceremony and that was the first time she stepped outside the castle. She has interest in the outside world. Carmaine's party had the task of escorting her to the country border to meet with Ernest Lyell. She is quite friendly and wanted Louise and Misha to open up to her and be friends. At the ceremony when it appeared that a Rolandian lord attempted to attack King Richard, Letitia was to be held prisoner with other officials from Rolandia. However Carmaine's party intercepted the carriage that was transporting her to Garaus prison and rescued her. She had witnessed the attack on King Richard by Lord Greg and said that although it looked like Lord Greg, he didn't act like him. After she was brought back to Rosaria, she recognized Eliotte's face and demanded to know who he was because there should only be one prince of Burnstein.
Magic Lines Technician
Specialist on the magic conducting lines, with forty years in the field. He still continues research, and succeeded at inventing a portable model magic conducting line. Carmaine's group needed his help in order to enter the Featherian cave, because the cave contained absolutely no Growshu. He is very enthusiastic about his work, and proud to be able to help Carmaine with his useful services.
A woman residing in Bronieu village. Her hobby is drawing pictures. She wants to sell her drawings and donate the money to the village.

Masked Knights
Magic lifeforms created by Gevel. Wallace came across them and he lost his eyes and right arm. They are clones based from Belgar, a human strong enough to fight against Gevel when Gevel escaped from the Valmie mine. Gevel admired that strength and created clones of Belgar to serve as his army. Because they live from Gevel's energy, when Gevel dies, they also die.

Voice: Masaya Takatsuka
The chancellor of the Magic Academy. He took in Misha as she was an orphan. He has great knowledge on the research of magic lifeforms, the homunculus. He has a sociable personality and is popular with the students, however he was hiding an evil agenda. He was a descendant of a Growsian royal family and looked down on humans. He sought to regain Growsian power which was lost in his generation, and he performed research on Growsians on the surface. On the underside he worked evil deeds with Grengar. He had his eye on Louise because she was a full solar eclipse Growsian, and created Misha to become friends with Louise and observe her. During the Growsian disappearance case, the Magic Academy offered safe shelter to any Growsians, however Maxwell was actually performing vile experiments on them to attempt to achieve their power. After this was discovered, Carmaine's group defeated Maxwell and put a stop to him.
Maxwell's Secretary
Voice: Tomoko Fujino
A secretary with a cold personality that seems to have no emotions. The students have never seen her laugh. She is actually a homonculus created by Maxwell. She will loyally carry out her creator's orders without question. Contrastive to Misha, she is quiet and obedient. She has a beautiful appearance and is quite strong in battle.
Monster Tamer
A member of the Shadow Knights, he uses a special powder to control monsters. He used to live in Klein village, and at that time the lord of the village Venzern recognized his ability and he joined the Shadow Knights. By manipulating a large army of monsters, he has interfered with many operations. He does not trust other people at all and only accepts Rafaga, a giant eagle.
Voice: Tsuyoshi Takishita
A swordsman from the village of Medis, he entered the tournament at Grandshill. He fought Carmaine and Louise in the freshman division. Since he lost that fight, he gave up on becoming an officer and patrols the Rashell area to protect his lover Irene. To protect Irene he would fight all of Oswald's subordinates by himself and show off his skill with the sword.
Voice: Kazunari Tanaka
Member of a band of thieves led by younger brother of Grengar and is also another leader. He likes to fight on the front lines and will pursue any means for his objectives. He attempted to kidnap Karen and injured her. He is a savage man who likes slaughter and schemes. He performed dirty work for Grengar and Gamuran, and fought against Carmaine's party several times. After Grengar's brother died, Oswald took up the position of band leader, and undertook work for Gamuran.
Partner of the Monster Tamer. A giant eagle and the only one the Monster Tamer trusts. He is different from other monsters because he voluntarily chooses to be the Monster Tamer's ally. He supports his master by flying him to faraway places.

Ralph Howell
Voice: Kenji Nojima
He claimed to be Carmaine's long lost brother. He was adopted and raised by a wealthy merchant family, Howell, because they were not blessed with their own children. They had high hopes for his future because he showed talent. However, he is a magic lifeform sent by Gevel to kill Louise because she is a Growsian. After his death, the Howell family fell into despair.

Ranzack King
Voice: Naoki Kinoshita
King who governs the country of Ranzack, a frontier desert land. Self-conscious that his country was lacking in power, he appointed people from other countries into Ranzack's military such as Weber and Venzern. Venzern destroyed Ranzack castle and the king's life was also lost.
A girl rescued by Wallace on the battlefield seventeen years ago. She feels deeply grateful to him and wanted to tell him that her lost mother Midi was also thankful. She and her mother were going to kill themselves on the battlefield, but they were stopped by Wallace.

Voice: Hayaho Tsunoda
Her gravestone is at the cape west of Rosaria. Carmaine came across her ghost and she passed him a ring which contained the Power Stone. Carmaine resembled her husband since he is cloned from him. This ring was her engagement gift from Belgar. She died young but still thinks of her husband after death. Mother of Xenos.

Voice: Mako Morishita
Queen of the Featherians. She hated humans because they persecuted against Featherians and drove them away from land. She was kidnapped by Oswald but rescued by Carmaine's party. Little by little she began to accept humans and admire their unyielding spirit.

Voice: Naoki Imamura
A brave general of Ranzack kingdom. He was a comrade of Wallace when they were in Belgar's mercenary group; he, Wallace, and Gamuran were vice-captains. When he was a mercenary he had popularity even back then. He is kind to civilians and his subordinates, and prefers fighting battles fair and square. After Belgar's disappearance, he gathered any members of the group that he could and assembled Ranzack's regular army. The king of Ranzack recognized Weber's ability and made him a general. He respects the lives of his subordinates and he is a war general feared by other countries.

A good-natured old man and chief of Clain village, a village in Burnstein. He is loved by all the villagers. He had rescued Wallace when he was attacked by the masked knights and fell down the cliff. Zemekis was the last Growsian in Burnstein kingdom as Growsians were hunted down. He was worried about his son who had gone missing, but he was attacked by a Shadow Knight, Xenos, and killed. The villagers gave Louise Zemekis' rod.

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