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Ace | Aimee | Alan | Alasdir | Ann | Bachter | Claressa | Dio | Eleya | Elle | Fernando | Flame Edge | Graff | Groemer | Irving | Juju Lady | Lily | Manis | Master of Ceremonies | Mira | Mysterious Girl | Nina | Nora | Qaron | Rasche | Red Justice Ranger | Sapphia | Saria | Sven | Vanette | Vittorio | Wolgainer

Ziekwalt's comrade. They were tricked by the Grangalians. Ace was poisoned by them. He passed the friendship medal to Ziekwalt before dying.

Aimee (Eimy)
Voice: Aiko Aihashi
Zeonsilt's childhood friend from the orphanage at Warslee. A cheerful girl who loves to help others. When she was younger, she got lost at Elphan forest and became known to have seen fairies.

In the Screaper attack on Warslee village, she was injured severely like Zeonsilt, and they both received the operation from the Peace Maintenance Brigade to give them the ultra sonic barrier which weakens screapers. She recovered in the Rio Rey hospital, and was put on a Screaper hunting task force because of her ability.

When they were rebuilding Warslee, Aimee found a letter from Zeonsilt's foster mother, and passed it to him.

When she found out the truth about the surgery and medication, she wanted to die.

He was in the orphanage that Seldous and Vanette were in. He was called smart when he was young, and was adopted by a wealthy family and became a merchant. Seldous rescues him from bandits and later asks for funding help to revive the Admonisher. He became one of the five founders of the Peace Maintenance Brigade.

Alasdir (Billy)
Voice: Kazuya Kobayashi
A young Neylern soldier. He was a close friend of Vittorio and they were the same age. He's very enthusiastic and wished to become a brave warrior. posed as a Cyriltian soldier to recruit Randall's help in exploring a ruin. Randall gave friendship medal to Alasdir. However he ran away before he could be discovered as an impostor. died fending off a knight screaper. was close friends with vittorio, like a brother. they were the same age and he often told war stories to Vittorio. passed friendship medal to rockbein upon death. rockbein gave to Vittorio.

Randall's daughter. She and her friends were playing in the abandoned mine, where poisonous monsters live. There was a cave-in and she was stuck in there. Zeonsilt's party rescued her.

Bachter (Bakter, Bactor, Baktor)
Voice: Hiroomi Sugino
A Grangalian warrior wanting to show off his worth by becoming a Slayer. He is very loyal to his subordinates; he is concerned for them and would risk his life to help them.

Ancestor of Elessa. She was a Slayer and Ziekwalt became her follower. She had a daughter, Eleya, who became Ziekwalt's lover.
Ziekwalt's comrade.
Eleya (Aleya)
Claressa's daughter and Ziekwalt's lover. They had a family together.
Ziekwalt's comrade.

Fernando (Fernand)
Voice: Ryokichi Takahashi
Neylern soldier, subordinate of Rockbein. He was given a sword by the former king to protect Vittorio.

Flame Edge
A female assassin after the King of Felmentia, very skilled and persistent. She was hired by Sven. Sherris thwarted their plans and defeated Flame Edge.
Vice General of Cyriltia.

Groemer (Gromer, Glomer)
Voice: Wataru Hatano
A strong Neylern warrior, aide to Rockbein.

Irving (Hazegorou)
Naturalist who studies animals. He's in the Peace Maintenance Brigade's ruins research team. He is interested in the futon dogs.
Juju Lady
Village shaman of Warslee.

Lily (Lottey)
Voice: Sachiko Takaguchi
A reserved, polite fairy who excels at song and dance. Champion of the Charm Division of the Fairy Contest.

Voice: Hajime Hinomoto
A merchant in Cyriltia.
Master of Ceremonies
Voice: Ryota Takeuchi
The eloquent announcer of the Fairy Contest.

Mira (Miranda)
Voice: Michiru Wada
A fairy of intellect and debating ability. Champion of the Debate Division of the Fairy Contest. She lived with Qaron, a merchant in Totuwa. She has exceptional ability in seeing the flow of time, that even Yurii recognizes stronger than her own. Yurii sought Mira's help to allow Merklich's party to go back in time and change history.

Mysterious Girl
A wandering mute girl, who was found by Seldous and Isaac at Kaiseris Island.

Voice: Rie Kanda
An athletic and tomboyish fairy, champion of the Physical Division of the Fairy Contest.

Voice: Kozue Shimizu
The artist fairy. Champion of the Art Division of the Fairy Contest. She has the ability to read thoughts within objects.

A merchant in Totuwa. In the past, he failed in business and thought of dying. But then he met Miranda and he changed his mind. He believes fairies give people luck.
Queen Screaper
Rasche (Rush)
Voice: Ryokichi Takahashi
Warslee villager with the ability to weaken Screapers. His family owns the inn in Warslee. When Screapers attacked Warslee and destroyed it, he fought them fiercely but was not found after the battle. He turned into a mutant Screaper.
Red Justice Ranger
Leader of the Justice Rangers. They were a group of five people who fight to help people in trouble. They attacked Isaac when they were about to restore the Admonisher because they didn't want anyone to possess such a dangerous weapon. Seldous' group defeated them and convinced them that they would not abuse it. Seldous gave Justice Red the friendship medal as proof of trust.

He had a strong sense of justice and fought for the sake of others. It was over twenty years ago, when the Peace Maintenance Brigade was not even founded yet, that his group was active. Romina was one of the members, and the two fell in love. He was a close friend of Randall, and father of Zeonsilt. When the PMB was founded and there was no more war, the Justice Rangers fought against Screapers. However, while fighting a strong Screaper they hadn't seen before, he was lost in battle with two other comrades.

Voice: Michiru Wada
Female Cyriltian soldier who supports Sherris. She accompanied Sherris and helped her to unravel Sven's plot and bring him to justice.
Voice: Nanako Hotomi
Sherris' uncle. He plotted to have Sherris' brother the king killed by poison.

Voice: Rie Kanda
Childhood friend of Seldous. they were from an orphanage together but were the only survivors from the result of war. Together they tried to search for a way to stop war so that no more innocent people would die. Seldous asker her to marry him and they had a son, Krious. However, she died shortly after fighting in battle after giving birth.

Voice: Taiki Matsuno
He was the prince of the former Neylern kingdom. took over as king when his father was executed during the war. rockbein raised him

Voice: Hitoshi Bifu
Lieutenant-General of Grangale. Respected by his subordinates as well as citizens. One of Grangale's three Slayers.

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