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Base Commander | Beckel | Bowman | Brandole | Dietrich | Disguise King | Gilliam | Glyme | Infinitor | Lera | Meine | Patriarch | Shayer | | Shrine Maiden | Shrine Maiden's Fairy | Wellber | Zafreed

Base Commander
Voice: Yasushi Niko
Works at Fomeros military base as commander. He questioned Hoffman when Merklich pretended to turn him in. Due to Merklich's actions, however, Hoffman was proven innocent by showing the commander where the misappropriated supplies really ended up. Base commander helped in the fight against Wellber to bring him to justice.

One of Wendy's attendants when she left the castle to search for her brother. He was injured and he remained at Schizarz to heal. Wendy heard that he was dead, however it was a lie. He betrayed her to embezzle the army funds, and was going to kill Meine because she knew about his intention to embezzle. He was defeated at the Hingistan giant.
Captain of the ship that took Merklich, Wendy, and Shuweizer to Goatland. Because the ship was attacked by Screapers and shipwrecked, that was the last that anyone had heard of Bowman. He had a wife and child awaiting his return for a long time. He actually survived and washed ashore at the Rio Rey beach. He stayed at the Rio Rey hospital but lost his memory. Hoffman reported that Bowman was alive to his family, and the son handed Hoffman the captain's pendant to bring Bowman's memory back.

Voice: Katsunosuke Hori
Commander of Monopolis. With elaborate planning and bold strategy he establishes Monopolis' high status. He has brilliant ideas for inventions and products. Father of Shuweizer and Anita. He was actually possessed by Infinitor, therefore his real soul is dead. Anita had noticed that her father began to act very differently, and later found out that it was because of Infinitor that she was treated as a test subject for various experiments. The body of Brandole was used by Infinitor until Merklich's party defeated him on the soaring ship.

Hoffman's older brother. Candidate for next President of Fomeros who supports anti-war in his nation. He bears concern toward the opposing candidate Glyme. Wellber schemed to hurt Dietrich's chances by involving Hoffman in a scandal. It was resolved and the citizens found out about Glyme's treachery. Dietrich became the new president of Fomeros and quickly resolved the war and changed the country's government.

Disguise King
A member of the Resistance. A man who uses various disguises to act as a spy and collect or relay information.
Crown prince of Hingistan, brother of Maxwell and Wendy. He was an expert in martial arts, said to be more skilled than Maxwell. After Maxwell left the castle, the king became ill, and rule fell to Gilliam and Zafreed. He is said to have died on the battlefield in war with the rebel army, and then Zafreed took control of the government. Maxwell suspected that the prime minister Zafreed had Gilliam assassinated.

President of Fomeros country. He wants to hinder Dietrich who stands anti-war. Glyme is pro-war and is after Hingistan's resources. The public opinion began to greatly favor anti-war, and Glyme's faction became impatient. Wellber, who supported Glyme, schemed to involve Dietrich in scandal by framing his brother Hoffman. After the truth was exposed, the citizens detested Glyme and he lost the presidency.

A being from another planet that came to steal the energy of this world. Infinitor is spirit form, which inhabits human bodies and destroys their souls. Infinitor cannot be destroyed by killing the body as it will simply jump to another host. The First Shrine Maiden was successful at sealing Infinitor's soul inside the Dragon Orb. The lineage of the shrine maidens must maintain the seal on the Dragon Orb throughout generations to prevent Infinitor from escaping. However, he managed to become free from the Dragon Orb, and took the body of Brandole. He acted as the supreme commander of Monopolis to develop inventions for his interests, such as Pollumine.
Voice: Yukiko Takaguchi
Rukias' childhood friend. She was attacked by monsters and eaten. This memory haunted Rukias ever since then and he had a nightmare of it every night. Because there was such a strong desire to change the past, Yurii was able to send Merklich and Rukias to the past to save her life.
Voice: Rie Kanda
One of Wendy's attendants when she left the castle to search for Maxwell. Her partner Beckel was embezzling campaign funds from the castle, and was going to kill Meine for knowing about it. Meine fled to Royferon and eventually married a shopkeeper, and lived in happiness. Wendy finally met her again and cooked a special meal for her.

Patriarch of the Pothrads, a race which owns advanced ancient technology. He can create the necessary lithograph in order to seal the Queen Screaper and prevent it from multiplying. The Patriarch and other Pothrads were killed by Shuweizer travelling to the past, but Merklich's party went back in time to stop him.

Voice: Kozue Shimizu
A capable woman who works as Monopolis' manager. Originally trained Shuweizer, but her merit was recognized and came to hold a managerial position. She gave briefings on missions to Merklich and Wendy when they were in the Red Wolf unit. She was under Brandole's command which were actually Infinitor's commands. After Anita became new commander of Monopolis, Shayer supported Merklich's team by managing information and setting tasks to take steps toward defeating Infinitor.

Shrine Maiden
Voice: Ryoko Tanaka
Iristelessa's ancestor, she used the Dragon Orb to seal the Goatland continent. She has a fairy by her side. The shrine maiden and her army battled Commander 13's troops. She defeated him as she was more powerful than he had anticipated. She requested his cooperation to help defeat Infinitor and save the planet. She was the first shrine maiden and sealed the soul of Infinitor in the Dragon Orb, but it cost her life.

Shrine Maiden's Fairy
The fairy who accompanied the first shrine maiden 2000 years ago. He helped to persuade Commander 13 to join the shrine maiden and defeat Infinitor.

Voice: Ryokichi Takahashi
Fomeros military lieutenant and supports President Glyme. Wellber was captain of a supply unit and Hoffman was his subordinate. He abused his position as supply officer and misappropriated materials into illegal channels, laying the blame on Hoffman. He ensnared Hoffman in a scandal so that their family name would be soiled to destroy the candidacy for president, Hoffman's brother Dietrich. Merklich's party uncovered his scheme and defeated him.

Voice: Hidetoshi Nakamura
Prime Minister of Hingistan kingdom, he holds real power by usurping the royal family after Gilliam's death. He also holds a lot of power as the country's strongest sorceror. He imposed heavy taxes on the citizens for his own benefit. He was defeated by Merklich's group and Wendy brought him to justice.

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