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Hofman (Hoffman)
Age: 26
Height: 208 cm
Weight: 133 kg
Voice: Kenta Miyake (JP)
Origin: Fomeros

Second Lieutenant of Fomeros army. A large-hearted and large-built man, he is honest and has a strong sense of justice. He was accused of the crime of misappropriating supplies to Hingistan and was pursued by the army, which he absolutely had to flee from until he could find proof of his innocence.

Merklich's party came across Hofman and a merchant caravan being attacked by terrorists and rescued them. When Shuweizer was going to fire the Admonisher at Jiant Mountain, Merklich and Rukias sought Hofman's help in making the Fomeros troops evacuate the mountain. Hofman did this by using himself as bait because Wellber, the officer which set Hofman up in a scandal, wanted absolutely to arrest Hofman, and Wellber was at the base at Jiant mountain.

Hofman's older brother Dietrich was a candidate for presidency of Hingistan. Wellber had ties with the current president Glyme and framed Hofman to set Dietrich's circle in a scandal to hinder him. Merklich's party helped to investigate and clear Hofman's name and bring the true criminal, Wellber, to justice. Word spread quickly that the president Glyme embezzled goods illegally, and was corrupting the economy and the citizens' lifestyles. Dietrich was then elected as president.

Hofman had a friendly rivalry with his brother Dietrich and he was mischievous as a child.

After Infinitor was defeated and history was changed, Hofman works in the offices of Fomeros army.

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