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Iristelessa (Iristeressa, Irist, Iris)
Age: 22
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Voice: Ryoko Tanaka (JP)
Origin: great land village

Shrine maiden from a long heritage charged with preserving the seal of the Dragon Orb. Her different colored eyes are evidence of her status as shrine maiden. In successive generations shrine maidens must have a "Brave Guard", but for some reason she had none at her side. Merklich's party encountered her on the Goatland continent and she stood in their way demanding them to relinquish the Pollumine seedling they had. She and her group opposed Monopolis and wanted to stop them from distributing Pollumine to the new continent. Wendy mistook them for Terrorists but they declared that they were members of "Land's Prayer", a resistance group against the Hingistan government. She recognized Merklich and was troubled on why he was working for Monopolis. Merklich, Wendy, and Rukias defeated her group and she fled.

Finding out that the Dragon Orb was taken by Shuweizer, she attempted to stop him and take it but Shuweizer then attempted to capture her upon learning that she was the shrine maiden when Neilis appeared and told him. Merklich's party defeated Shuweizer, saved Iristelessa, and recovered the Dragon Orb. Seeing that Infinitor's soul was no longer inside the Dragon Orb, Iristelessa then requested Merklich's party to help her seal Infinitor, who had possessed Brandole, the commander of Monopolis.

Her ancestor, the First Shrine Maiden, sealed the soul of Infinitor in the Dragon Orb 2000 years ago, and every 200 years a shrine maiden must strengthen the seal to prevent Infinitor from escaping. However for 400 years the shrine maidens did not fulfill the mission. Iristelessa would have to perform a technique that would cost her life to seal Infinitor. However when Merklich's party reached Brandole at the Monopolis headquarters, Iristelessa failed to seal Infinitor. After this she was weakened and dispirited. She had them go to the Resistance hideout where she had to rest in bed, however it was attacked by Shuweizer's army. She and Maxwell were captured, and Maxwell was held hostage by Shuweizer to coerce Iristelessa into obeying him. Shuweizer wanted to manipulate her powers with the Dragon Orb.

Merklich's party rescued Maxwell and went to save Iristelessa, however she wanted to stay with Shuweizer as their objective was the same. She couldn't bear to look at Merklich's face because it was the face of her Brave Guard who gave his life to save her three years ago. Merklich's party defeated Shuweizer and he had to cooperate with them. After destroying all four Dragon Abyss Towers, they needed to raise the soaring ship in order to defeat Infinitor at its source. They went with Iristelessa to her home village and she meditated for one night in order to magically raise the ship from the ocean floor.

Three years ago Maxwell took Iristelessa from the village of the shrine maidens when he learned that Monopolis was going to attack it. They were captured by Monopolis, and Merklich, her Brave Guard, came to rescue them but he suffered a critical wound and stayed behind while Maxwell and Iristelessa escaped. She joined Maxwell in the Resistance group.

Iristelessa is self-sacrificing and she suffered quietly to herself knowing that she had to sacrifice her life. She avoided talking or looking at people's faces. However, when looking at people's smiles she would give her life to protect them.

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