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Julia "Julian" Douglas (Juria, Jurian, Jurien)
Age: 17 [I] / 18 [II]
Height: 173 cm
Voice: Chiharu Tezuka (JP) | Jesseca Roberts (EN)
Likes: none in particular
Dislikes: cowardice, sweets
Special Skill: swordsmanship
Origin: Schutzberg, Burnstein

A skilled fencer who ran away from home questioning why she worked to train so hard, until Carmaine and Wallace met her and gave her a new reason to wield a sword. She received special training for the gifted in fencing from her father who was a former Imperial Knight. An Imperial Knight, a class of knights in Burnstein, is known throughout the continent for their skill and strength; it is the most honored knight rank anyone can achieve. The Douglas family has been noted to turn out Imperial knights for generations. As the eldest daughter in the Douglas family, she received training in order to become an Imperial Knight. Due to that, she lived disguised as a male since she was young, and was called Julian.

When the son of the Douglas family, her brother, was born, her father ignored her and instead held high expectations for the son. She, who worked hard to be recognized by her father, stuggled emotionally with this and lost her will to fight. However, after meeting Carmaine's group and the incident in Deris village where they had to rescue innocent people, she realized a new reason to wield a sword -- "to defend those who cannot fight ". No longer lost, she swore to become an Imperial Knight. She continued training, and won the "expert" class in the Grandshill tournament. Eventually she achieved becoming an Imperial Knight with her skills and collected composure.

However, war broke out between Rolandia and Burnstein, and Carmaine and Julian became enemies until the resolution of the war. She was disinherited by Douglas because he feared that it would become discovered that she was a woman. When Eliotte became king, he officially changed the rule to forbid gender discrimination in becoming an Imperial Knight. This was recognized in a royal banquet, and Julia wore a feminine dress for the first time.

Julia later became leader of the Unicorn brigade, a female-only knight group.

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