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Korin (Corin)
Age: ---
Voice: Ai Matayoshi (JP) | Amanda Winn-Lee (EN)
Origin: Elphan Forest

A curious and cheerful fairy who became friends with Zeonsilt's group. Fanille, a researcher of the Peace Maintenance Brigade, tried to lure a fairy with Naton fruit for her research project on energy. They encountered Korin but she was about to be eaten by a monster. Fanille, accompanied by Krious and Elessa rescued Korin from the monster and she agreed to help Fanille in her research project. Fanille successfully concluded that fairies naturally give off magical energy called mana. Korin decided to stay with Fanille and the others to learn more about the human world and to investigate a legend passed down in the fairy world.

Korin found humans difficult to understand sometimes and she asks Zeonsilt's group a lot of questions. She is the type to stick her nose in everything, and she hates to lose. Strong-willed, she often disaccorded with Fanille who was opposite in personality, and sometimes said things that were a bit offensive to Fanille. As Fanille was often cooped up in her lab, Korin began to follow Zeonsilt around in his missions while looking for a "strong person". Upon encountering Nina and Yurii, she decisively determined to defeat them in the Fairy Contest, and intently sought to train and polish herself, requesting Zeonsilt to help her. She came to recognize him as a hero in their journeys and accomplishments.

When the party decided to have a "time freezing" technique performed on Zeonsilt to help his body condition from his operation, Korin agreed to stay by his side steadfastly so that he could stay alive safely until a cure could be found. She became a bit protective of him and was reluctant to separate from him when Fanille did find a cure and needed to part them. Korin was extremely nervous when she was away from Zeonsilt. Fanille's operation was successful and Korin was finally comfortable with leaving his side.

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