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Krious (Chriass, Crias)
Age: 21
Voice: Shinichirou Miki (JP) | Sam Riegel (EN)

Origin: Peace Maintenance Brigade

The son of Seldous, founder and commander of the Peace Maintenance Brigade, and Vanette. Vanette was lost due to war, but she had given birth to a son and named him Krious. Krious worked in the political division of the Peace Maintenance Brigade. At first glance, it seems like he has a flippant and light-minded personality, but his nature is unexpectedly serious. Once he held strong respect toward his father, but he began to hold different, original ideas from his father's regarding peace. Though he worked as his father's right-hand man to make world peace last, for some time he lost his passion and ended up taking a careless attitude as he began to doubt the Peace Maintenance Brigade.

Shortly after Zeonsilt was recruited into the PMB, there was a peace conference with representatives from each region in attendance. It was attacked by unknown persons as a diversion and important documents were stolen. Krious had to investigate the attackers. He had Melvina, Zeonsilt, and Fanille join him to pursue them and uncover the plot by Neylern soldiers.

Through the journey and events he learned new facts and began to suspect things in the PMB, such as who was the Pothradian who used to be in the PMB and why did he leave. He also began to disdain Isaac when he found out about Zeonsilt's operation.

War threatened to break out between the countries again when Rockbein unleashed a Bio-Weapon, a mutant screaper. The country of Grangale had developed a device that could control Screapers, however it required a large amount of energy in the form of human lives. Learning this, Krious was appalled and wanted to intervene with Grangale doing so, but that was out of the role of the PMB and Seldous couldn't allow it. Krious disagreed with Seldous' way of thinking, believing it is "too old", and strongly disagreed with the PMB's method of maintaining peace by the Admonisher or using any type of weapon. He then split from the PMB and acted independently. There was a faction of PMB soldiers who supported Krious' ideals and they set up base at Warslee village.

When he was young he often played together with Sherris and her brother. He would talk to her about the dreams he had of true peace in the continent. Sherris had hope for him that he would keep and enact on his dreams.

He helped Zeonsilt and the others to solve the conflicts stirring up between the countries so that war would not break out again. Accomplishing this, the group set out to defeat the Queen Screaper. He became new commander of the Peace Maintenance Brigade after Seldous died and the Queen Screaper was defeated.

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