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Age: ---
Takao Ooyama (JP) | Bill Collins (EN)
Origin: Burnstein

Instructor at the officers academy in Burnstein. He was commander of Wein and Maximillian while they were apprentice knights. Aged and experienced in battle, he has a calm and collected personality. He gave Wein and Maximillian their final exam by having them fight monsters at the Starkberg orphanage. He praised their performance and graduated them to knights.

After Wolfgang proclaimed war of independence for his mercenary nation, Logan took position at Comsprings to defend Burnstein. His best friend's wife lived in Comsprings and he swore to protect her. He was friends with Maximillian's father. He remembered Max's father whenever he sees Max because of their resemblance in appearance and personality, and felt he must defend and do anything for Maximillian.

Logan and Max's father served together as company commanders in Burnstein's military. There was a severe crop failure and war broke out with Rolandia. Logan's unit fell under fierce enemy attack and he was critically wounded. Because of his injury, Schneider took Logan's position commanding the front lines. The enemy mounted a massive attack and destroyed the entire force at the front. Schneider was killed, and the news devastated his family. Logan blamed himself for Schneider's death. The Schneider house fell into ruin, and Schneider's wife fell ill. Under a burden of guilt, Logan vowed to protect Schneider's family in his place.

When Maximillian took the Power Mask to brainwash the world, Logan defended him against Wein. Logan called them enemies of peace and led a troop to fight against Wein's party. He did it to repay a debt to Maximillian's father. His only duty was to protect his friend's son, Maximillian. He died in the battle.

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