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Louise Fallsmyer (Ruise, Forsmayer, Fallsmeyer)
Age: 14 [I] / 15 [II]
Height: 154 cm
Voice: Rika Komatsu (JP)
Likes: collecting accessories
Dislikes: ghosts
Special Skill: magic, making sweets
Origin: Rosaria, Rolandia

She is royal court magician Sandra's real daughter, a shy girl who easily cries, but she has a firm heart. She was born during a complete solar eclipse, which makes her a very potentially powerful Growsian, a being who can wield great magic like in the old world. Because of that, is seen as a little strange by others so she has a timid personality. In addition to being a natural magic user, she inherited her mother's diligence and is an honor student at the Magic Academy. There is no one at the Academy who doesn't know of her. She loves Carmaine dearly like a real brother.

She was going to start practical magic training with her mother but due to events, Sandra had her accompany Carmaine in his journey to put her magical abilities to use. She stayed by his side as he undertook missions from the King and traveled the continent.

She acquired the teleport spell when she feared her mother Sandra was in danger. She is able to teleport to locations that she remembers.

She has one best friend, Misha, a fellow student at the Magic Academy, and they have a friendship that is matchless.

Being a Growsian of the most powerful type, there are people who seek after such power, such as Maxwell and Venzern. Maxwell, the chancellor of the Magic Academy who is interested in Growsians, created Misha to watch Louise and the actions of Carmaine's group.

Louise's Growshu power also prevents Gevel from controlling Carmaine. So long as she is by his side, Carmaine is like a normal human, but when her Growshu was lost temporarily, he became mind-controlled and he almost killed her.

Venzern was successful in stealing Louise's Growshu power, and she lost her memories and magic ability rapidly. She even regressed to the stage of a young child. However, her powers returned like a sun being completely invisible in a solar eclipse and appearing again in full. It was because Carmaine has the ability to intervene in space-time, which is related to Growsians' ability to channel magic. After this her true Growsian power awakened and she became the ultimate trump card to fight against Venzern.

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