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Maximillian Schneider (Max)
Age: 18
Height: 183 cm
Voice: Keiji Fujiwara (JP) | Asa Spade (EN)
GLII, GLIII importable
Likes: reading, discussion
Dislikes: war
Special Skill: politics, chess
Origin: Burnstein

Wein's friend from the military academy. He was Wein's partner in the combat exam and they became close friends. He had a strong dislike for war, caused by the death of his father who was a soldier in the last war when he was young. His mother's health failed because of the death. It also ruined his family's social status which was originally nobility. He enrolled in the Burnstein military academy to fufill his father's last wish to become a knight. By first learning military affairs, he wished to find ways to prevent wars from happening in the first place. He believed there were many other people who suffered the effects of war like he did, and strongly wished to make it possible to eliminate the option of war completely.

Max and Wein were put on a mission to investigate the appearance of Yung monsters near the city. They found a ruin west of Starkberg which contained a magical mask sealed out of reach with a barrier. Since there was no way to obtain it, they left it alone.

After he and Wein graduated into knighthood, he left the military to become a diplomat and enter politics. Although young, he was a genius politician and he became a cabinet minister.

One year after the war ended, there were appearances of armored attackers near the Ranzack border pillaging nearby villages. Maximillian requested ten soldiers to investigate it. Only Wein, Hans, and Charlone came to this request because of Byron. Max suggested it was an opportunity for Wein, if they could accomplish the task of ten people with only three. Max also requested Wein to retrieve some books from the Magic Academy after he was finished with the investigation.

Wein's party went to Rolandia and they were framed by Max's messenger with breaking a dam which caused damage and death. It sparked a war between Rolandia and Burnstein. Maximillian was sent into the war as the commander-in-chief's tactician because he was knowledgeable about Rolandia.

Max's mother lived in Comsprings and was ill. He visited her regularly. He had requested Irene, a doctor from Rachel health clinic, to call on his mother regularly. Wein came here to try to find Max and encountered him. Max was angry with him, believing he was guilty, but the messenger urged Max to leave for a meeting before they could talk.

The war progressed and he became commander of the front lines when the former commander was killed in battle. After Wein found the culprit of the dam incident, King Eliotte requested him to deliver the news to Max at the front lines. Max and Wein resolved the misunderstanding between them. The war between Burnstein and Rolandia ended, and instead they had to band together to fight against Wolfgang's invasion.

Logan was friends with Maximillian's father. He blamed himself for Schneider's death and felt he must protect his family and do anything for Maximillian.

After Wein's party defeated Wolfgang, Maximillian took some troops and occupied the Dimensional Fusion Control Tower. King Eliotte urgently requested Wein to find out what Max was planning. Maximillian was disgusted that humans kept repeating the horrors of war relentlessly, so he prepared the Power Mask on the transmission device at the top of the tower to brainwash everyone to live peacefully. The mask had the power to control people with words. By manipulating people to never have conflicts, he could form a world without war. Even if it took away people's free will, he believed it was justified to save lives from war.

Wein and his party fought him at the top of the tower before the Power Mask broadcast preparation was complete. The defeated Max and he supposedly fell to his death. Two weeks passed with no sign of him. Wein concluded that Max must have died in the lake, but he survived and was rescued by children who were orphans of war. Max was inspired by the children and saw the error of his ways; his goal should not be to obliterate conflict but to protect peace. Because he couldn't stay in Burnstein after what he had done for fear of being arrested for treason, Wein pronounced Max dead and Max journeyed away to another continent to broaden his perspective.

Wein may join Maximillian in his endeavor to brainwash the masses. Max used the Power Mask to remove ambition, greed, and other evils of humanity from people and turned them into mindless robots. People lost ambition and emotion and couldn't be called humans any more.

Wein disagreed with Max's plan and fought against him, and Max died.

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