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Maxwell (Maxwellart)
Age: 24
Voice: Satoshi Katogi (JP)
Origin: Hingistan

The leader of the Resistance organization, "Land's Prayer", which fights against the Hingistan government. With his ability and charisma, he formed and managed the Terrorists into a unified organization. He wanted to break the dictatorship of Hingistan royal ramily.

He is actually Hingistan kingdom's second prince and his real name is Maxwellart. He is older brother of Wendy with different mother. He wanted to keep the fact that he is a prince of Hingistan a secret from even the Resistance members.

In the past, he disagreed with his father the king's actions such as imposing heavy taxes, and proposed to him many times to reform but his father did not listen. Maxwell then left the country. He joined Monopolis and became a member of the Red Wolf force. He was vice leader. One of his missions was to find the location of the "great land" village. Monopolis attacked it, and Maxwell dissented with it so he took Iristelessa to escape. They were captured by Monopolis and imprisoned at Yarstill. Merklich, Iristelessa's Brave Guard, rescued them and allowed them escape, however he fell in battle and Iristelessa believed he died.

When Shuweizer captured Iristelessa to abuse her magic powers, Maxwell was taken hostage by Shuweizer to coerce Iristelessa to obey Shuweizer. Maxwell committed suicide to prevent interrogation. With that the Resistance lost its leader and terrorism came back into force, and Hingistan's revolution would fail. Miranda, a fairy, warned Yurii and Merklich that Maxwell's death would signal the end of the world. However the fairies could not send them to the past again to save Maxwell, therefore Merklich's party sought Anita for her ability to time travel. They used it and rescued Maxwell successfully.

After Zafreed, the corrupted Hingistan prime minister, was defeated, Maxwell worked on the revolution council to inaugurate the new political administration and turn Hingistan into a democracy.

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