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Age: 16
Height: 162 cm
Voice: Maho Tomita (JP)
GLI (PSP version only)
Likes: nature, singing
Dislikes: humans
Special Skill: flight

A girl of the race of people with wings on their backs, the Featherians. Although she is among the Featherians, which highly regard cooperation, for some reason she is acting independently. She bears a strong hatred for humans, especially Growsians. She has only opened up to one person, Justin, who often has to remind her of her manners towards humans.

Melfie was attacked by bandit humans attempting to steal her bracelet. Melfie has a weak body and ended up recuperating at Rashell clinic. Justin revealed that her parents were killed by a Growsian, therefore she hates Growsians with a passion. She mourns for her parents and looks at other parent/child relationships with sadness. She values the bracelet that they gave her. She and Amelia are acquaintances.

(Spoilers under construction)
When she finds out that Carmaine has the Power Stone she requests him to give it to her since it is a dangerous item that should be returned to Featherian hands. It is strange that she is a Featherian yet she isn't with the other Featherians. She wasn't even pursued by the other Featherians to be taken back home.

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