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Meline (Meleene)
Age: ?
Height: 4' 9"
Voice: Yumi Shimura (JP)

GLIV (PSP version only)
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Origin: ruined village

A young girl who is immature, selfish and openly speaks her mind. She is always with her twin sister Cynthia, who is the only one who can control her. Crevanille's party encountered them several times in different locations. They seemed to be following orders from Vester.

Crevanille encountered Meline and Cynthia attacking Pamela and Magnus in Dulkheim. Meline and Cynthia had summoning abilities and used them to fight. Crevanille's party defeated them and they teleported away.

Allegedly she failed on a mission and was told that she was no use any more. The Death Wings Captain was sent to kill her and she fled near Eliza's villa in Marquelay. Crevanille rescued her and took her to the mansion to recover. She felt ill and downhearted. She couldn't taste anything, had unusual dreams, and felt sick and dizzy. She felt painful if Crevanille came near her. She stayed sleeping in bed and had a low pulse rate and body temperature. Doctor Deligne came to examine her but was perplexed at her condition.

After Pamela and Magnus joined Crevanille's group, they asked Pamela if she possibly knew anything about Meline's condition. They all went to check on Meline and talk to her. Pamela recognized that Meline was from the village where she and Maggie used to live. Vester destroyed this village fifteen years ago. Meline was the same age as Pamela and Maggie, but had not aged since then. Meline was killed, but Vester resurrected her and Cynthia to be his subordinates. He manipulated her memory and mind. He promised her a reward if she acted as a spy for him. The reward was to resurrect her parents. She was to pretend to be abandoned by Vester to get information out of Crevanille.

They found that the right half of the medallion which Crevanille had taken from Akyel caused Meline to hurt. Energy from another world was being channeled into Meline. A gate to another world existed in Meline's heart. This otherworldly mana is controlling Meline's body and keeping her alive by pumping blood through her body instead of a heart. If they could close this gate, Meline would return to normal. With the familiar's Access Psyche ability, they could attempt to enter Meline's mind and find out what was keeping the gate open.

Maggie gave Crevanille a Cross Stone which was important to Meline and Cynthia when they lived in the village. Maggie believed it would make it easier because Meline had fond memories of it. Crevanille and his familiar went into Meline's subconscious and found her parents. They were actually illusions by darkness. By using the right half of medallion, Crevanille forced them to reveal their true apperance, which were Vester illusions. Crevanille defeated them and severed the link to the other world, which closed the gate to save Meline. She woke up and was cured.

The group learned that they could use this technique on summoners to close the gates they have individually opened. Crevanille's Angelic essence will be needed to close gates and stop summoning. However, the procedure is physically straining on Crevanille because of using Angelic essence.

Meline understood courtesy and respect and began to behave maturely. She requested to join Crevanille and help in battle.

If Crevanille fails to save Meline from the Death Wings Captain, she will die. Crevanille would not learn how to close gates in summoners.

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