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Melvina (Mervina)
Age: 22
Voice: Sayori Ishizuka (JP) | Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (EN)
Origin: Safeguarders' Sanctuary, Peace Maintenance Brigade

A woman who serves in the Operations division of the Peace Maintenance Brigade under Commander Isaac as his adjutant leading the Ops division. She has the standing to command other PMB members, and has a calm personality wherein she seldom shows her emotions. She carries out Isaac's orders and missions solidly. She came to recruit Zeonsilt to the PMB and he would work under her.

It was eventually revealed that she was originally from the clan of the safeguarders of the Dragon Orb, and Isaac is her father. Looked down upon by the clan because her father stole the Dragon Orb away to use as energy for the Admonisher, she was given secret orders to take the Orb back. Her relation with her father had been troubling her emotionally. The fact that they were related was unknown to anyone else, except Isaac only loosely acknowledged it.

She was successful at taking the Dragon Orb from the Admonisher and she took it to the safeguarders clan, however Zeonsilt convinced her to join their side again, and they worked together to bring peace to the continent and destroy the Screapers.

She has an interest in myths and folktales.

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