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Characters > Merklich

Age: 21
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Voice: Maikeru Shitanda (JP)
Origin: Commander 13

The protagonist of Growlanser VI. A member of the private army of the large international company Monopolis. Assigned to the special force, the Red Wolves, he executes missions however without knowing his true character due to his memories completely lost when he awoke from an operation. Also, because he can feel the "change of the flow of time" which is usually imperceptible, it seems he possesses a special ability of some sort. He has a unique mark on the sides of his face.

He was assigned with Wendy and they act as partners, with Shuweizer as their superior. They went to the continent which had been sealed, called Goatland, however they were attacked by Screapers and shipwrecked. The fairy Yurii found them on the beach of Warslee village and she believed him to be the legendary hero. She accompanied him thereafter to be his guide. Mysteries opened up as he met people who seemed to know who he was, such as Rukias, Iristelessa, and Neilis, let alone Anita who he briefly saw at the Monopolis facility where he awakened.

He was following Monopolis orders until Shuweizer started to commit objectionable acts, abusing his ability to travel back in time. Merklich had to fight against Shuweizer several times. Merklich's group found out about Infinitor, and they acted to solve incidents and finally destroy the Dragon Abyss Towers which Infinitor, possessing Brandole, had built to collect energy from the land.

He was Iristelessa's Brave Guard. When Iristelessa and Maxwell were imprisoned by Monopolis, he came to rescue them. However he suffered a critical injury, a broken blade pierced in his chest. He used the last of his strength to fight off pursuers and allowed Iristelessa and Maxwell to escape. She believed that he died. However, he was put in a pod at Monopolis and his injury healed. Anita caught glance of the scar while he was in the medical room. She knew him for ten days and he gave her hope of life when she despaired.

He often has dreams of events involving a man that has the exact same face as him, Commander 13. Merklich is one of the many clones that Commander 13 produced, back at the time of 2000 years ago when Infinitor came to steal the energy of this planet. The clones were subordinates of Commander 13, and when he betrayed Infinitor, he put the clones in cold sleep. Every 200 years, one clone is to be awakened from the pod to accompany the shrine maiden in her mission.

Merklich's party finally had to travel 2000 years in the past to pursue Infinitor. However, he became merged with one of the other clones and he couldn't return to the present. He defeated Infinitor and changed history.

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