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Age: 15 [I] / 16 [II] (True age is 3 [I] / 4 [II])
Height: 157 cm
Voice: Machiko Toyoshima (JP)
Likes: flowers
Dislikes: studying, cooking
Special Skill: wild imagination, knowledge of flower language, knitting
Origin: Maxwell

Student at the Magic Academy and friend of Louise. She is a spunky, naive, and clumsy girl. She is scatterbrained and therefore not good at studying, but she is full of energy and has a wild imagination that she can get carried away with. She is extremely clumsy and seems like she only fails at anything she tries to do, but she maintains a bright personality and doesn't get discouraged. It seems that she was able to be enrolled in the Magic Academy because of the chancellor who brought her up when she was a child. She calls Maxwell "grandpa" and regards him as a kind and good person.

Misha and Louise have a friendship that is matchless. When she met Carmaine, she has a crush on him and calls him "onii-sama" (elder brother respectful).

She loves flowers and knows a lot about flower language.

Misha is a homunculus created by Maxwell, the chancellor of the Magic Academy. Maxwell was aiming after Louise's Growshu power, and he made Misha to become friends with Louise and observe her. Through telepathy, the creator of the homunculus can see via the homunculus, and Maxwell could spy on the actions of Carmaine's group. Because Misha has her own will and emotions, she is just like a normal human. She even has memories of being a child and living with her parents in Medice village, she can remember the very details of the house, and has memories of playing with "grandpa" Maxwell. They were all false memories.

When Misha learned the truth from Maxwell, she was in harsh emotional turmoil. There was one thing that she could believe in her confusion -- her friendship and memories with Louise were real. In order to protect her friend, Misha could turn against her creator Maxwell and fight him.

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