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Neilis (Nailis)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Voice: Nana Mizuki (JP)
Origin: Infinitor's army

A female android who often appears before Merklich to fight against him. She seems to know well of Merklich and apparently his presence torments her. She supported Brandole to capture the shrine maiden, and came to Shuweizer's aid to do so. She seems to have a strong desire to kill Merklich, and claimed to kill him numerous times in the past. However every time after she is damaged from battle, she cannot see, and Merklich can approach her. She talks to him cordially while her body repairs itself.

Neilis was one of Infinitor's subordinates 2000 years ago, and she was in love with Commander 13. Commander 13 was defeated by the First Shrine Maiden and he chose to join her. Because of his betrayal, Neilis hated the shrine maiden and swore to kill her. Because Commander 13 even fought back against Neilis, she felt betrayed and suffered emotionally. She had her body modified to endure water pressure of 3000 meters deep when the soaring ship was sunken. She escaped from the ocean and hunted for generations killing the shrine maidens and Commander 13 clones, which were now called Brave Guards.

400 years ago, Neilis stole a Barrier Breaking Ring from a shrine maiden she killed. This ring lets people pass through the seal around the Goatland continent and it was for the shrine maiden to come to Goatland to strengthen the seal on the Dragon Orb every 200 years. Neilis searched for the Dragon Orb to free Infinitor but discovered that Infinitor had already been released. Infinitor can possess human bodies and cannot be destroyed because it can simply pass to another body.

After the last battle between Merklich and Shuweizer, Neilis appeared and shot Shuweizer, stating that his time travel ability would be a disturbance against Infinitor's plans.

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