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Characters > Patrick

Age: 19
Height: 183 cm
Voice: Keiji Fujiwara (JP) | Asa Spade (EN)
Likes: money
Dislikes: effort, physical labor
Special Skill: puzzle ring
Origin: Burnstein

A young man who looks just like Maximillian Schneider. He impersonated Maximillian and destroyed the dam in Rolandia. Wein's party was framed for the crime, and Rolandians waged war on Burnstein.

Wein's party investigated to find the culprit, and heard rumors of a man who looked exactly like Minister Schneider. Patrick used to work at Valmie mines but quit a year ago after receiving an "inheritance". Because he looked like Minister Schneider, he was scouted by the mercenaries. Wein's party found him at a mysterious mansion near Clain village and apprehended him. Patrick claimed that he didn't know what he was a part of, and merely hired to do a job. Wolfgang had him participate in the plot to help him wage war of independence. Patrick used the payment to buy the mansion.

If Wein joined Wolfgang's war, Patrick would join Wein's party. He has a rather cowardly personality, so he is not very reliable. He is able in sword and magic, but does not excel in either skill.

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