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Randall (Randy)
Age: 36
Voice: Kazuki Yao (JP)
Origin: Juwaina, Cyriltia

A historian from the Cyriltia Kingdom. Because he has a desire to change the current running continental state of tension, he aspired to the path of the scholar by researching the history of the ancient times when the continent was at peace. Right after becoming a scholar, he explored a great number of ruins throughout the continent to research them, and has become a professional ruins explorer so famous that he is sought even outside the country as an investigator. He dotes very much on his only daughter, Ann. He and his family live in Juwaina.

Full of chivalrous spirit, he has a refined and prudent personality. He was a member of the Justice Rangers as the green member. He was a close friend of the Red Ranger who was Zeonsilt's father. He has roots in adventuring with the Justice Rangers. His friends were lost in a Screaper battle and he wished to avenge them.

Zeonsilt's group met him at his house, and Randall expressed that he didn't quite approve of the Peace Maintenance Brigade as it has turned out to be. He was skeptical of them at first, but then understood the youths' ambitions for peace, and decided to help them.

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