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Richard (Richart)
Age: 14
Height: 165 cm
Voice: Kyoko Tsuruno / Tomoko Ishimura (JP)
Likes: loyal friends, peace for his nation
Dislikes: disgrace
Special Skill: swordmastery
Origin: Burnstein, Gevel

The youngest in history to become an Imperial Knight and be knight master which leads them. He is called the Imperial Knight Master. He has strength beyond a normal human in sword combat ability. While he is prideful, he earnestly wishes for peace for his nation and has the natural disposition of a ruler. He loves Burnstein Kingdom and puts it foremost, but war breaks out from his coronation ceremony due to an unknown person's manipulations and the three countries are swallowed up into war.

At the time he was in the officers academy of Burnstein, he befriended Ernest Lyell and Oscar Reaves. He had the charisma to make them admire and devote loyally to him.

Richard is a clone created by Gevel from Eliotte's cells. Richard replaced Eliotte, and Eliotte was to be killed. Because Richard also received cells from Gevel, he had enhanced strength which allowed him to become the Imperial Knight Master at such a young age. At the time of his coronation, Gevel's brainwashing became strong and manipulated Richard to ignite war which spread across the continent. His personality was suddenly different; extremely harsh and belligerent.

It was discovered that he was an impostor and not the real king of Burnstein. Carmaine and his party battled him at Burnstein castle to allow Eliotte to take the throne. They defeated and imprisoned him, thanks to Louise's Growshu weakening him. After Gevel was defeated, Richard's brainwashing was released, but that also meant Richard would die without Gevel's life source. While imprisoned, Richard weakened and suffered pain and agony. He feared death and Ernest took pity on him. Ernest rescued Richard out of the prison.

Richard became Venzern's subordinate because Venzern was fused with Gevel cells and possessed the same life energy that allowed Gevel-created clones to live. Richard cooperated with Venzern only so that he could live. Ernest Lyell followed Richard out of unwavering loyalty. If Richard obeyed Venzern, Lyell would follow him too. Venzern controlled Richard's mind. They attacked Rosaria, and Carmaine's party fought them. They tried to convince Richard to stop following Venzern and to help them instead, but he refused. They defeated Richard, and he had Venzern teleport him away.

Carmaine and his party went to fight Venzern at the Dimensional Fusion Control Tower, but Richard and Ernest stood in their way and fought them. Carmaine convinced Ernest to stop Richard because was a way to save the world from Venzern, but they needed Richard's cooperation. Ernest tried to persuade Richard, but Richard fought to kill Ernest because he saw it as betraying him. Ernest pleaded with him to remember the past. The power of the memories of their friendship overpowered Venzern's brainwashing and Richard returned to his senses. But Venzern cut off the life energy to Richard seeing that he failed as a subordinate, and he died.

In the PSP version, it is possible that he lives and joins Carmaine's party. (Under construction)

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