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Characters > Romina

Age: 23
Voice: Ai Iura (JP)
Justice Ranger
Peace Maintenance Brigade

A mysterious woman who appears repeatedly throughout the Zeonsilt's journey. She lends a hand to his adventures at every opportunity. It seems that she has some kind of connection to the him, but her objectives and anything else are completely unknown.

She is Zeonsilt's mother. Romina died when Zeonsilt was not yet one year old. From then she worried about her son and went searching for him as a ghost. No one could see or hear her. When she found out that he was in Warslee, she went there and that was when the Screapers destroyed it, and Zeonsilt was already gone from there. Mysteriously, Zeonsilt could see her.

She was a member of a group that fought for justice, the Justice Rangers. She was the white ranger and married the red ranger. After the Peace Maintenance Brigade (PMB) was founded, there were no more wars to fight in, so they fought Screapers. The Red Justice Ranger, which was Zeonsilt's father, and two other comrades were killed when fighting a Jacht Screaper. She joined the PMB to fight Screapers and did not return home. In the PMB, she volunteered to be a test subject in the experiment on sound waves which weakened screapers. She wanted to receive the operation to fight the Jacht Screaper which killed Zeonsilt's father, and to protect people's lives by being able to destroy Sreapers. She received that operation and was the only one who could control the ultrasonic wave ability. She died 227 days after the operation, 17 years ago. People who are implanted with her fusioned cells would also receive the same ability, and Romina's cells were implanted in Zeonsilt's body.

She appeared to Zeonsilt to say goodbye when he was undergoing the time-sealing technique which would freeze the fusion cells in time. He didn't see her any more after that.

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