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Rufus (Rufass, Loofass)
Age: 22
Voice: Soichiro Hoshi (JP) | Sam Riegel (EN)
Origin: Grangale

A captain of the military of the Kingdom of Grangale, a major power that holds vast amounts of land in the continent's southeast. He is man of valor who, contrary to his gentle demeanor, takes pride in his strength. He, along with his colleague Gaerik, is one of only three Slayers in the same country -- warriors strong enough to kill a Screaper alone. His demeanor is mild, but he has the strength of heart not to yield on the matters that he considers righteous. Although their personalities appear as opposite, he gets along well with his colleague Gaerik, who trusts in Rufus as Rufus does in him. Gaerik seems to think that Rufus counts on him too much.

He accompanied Wolgainer, the Lieutenant General and representative of Grangale, to the peace conference at the Peace Maintenance Brigade as a convoy. He is an unusually quiet gentleman although from a belligerent country, but didn't have an agreeable impression of the Peace Maintenance Brigade. He supported his fellow countrymen Gaerik, Bachter, and most of all Wolgainer.

Rufus acted on his own discretion and executed an attack against the Peace Maintenance Brigade when the Admonisher was temporarily disabled. He was exiled from Grangale after trial. Having a bitter experience of it, nevertheless he honestly loved his country and had strong sense of duty toward it. Later when Wolgainer was dying from being wounded by Ziekwalt, Wolgainer reinstated Rufus back to captain. Rufus prepared to defend Grangale from Ziekwalt.

When a Grangale army was going to conquer Jaergen, Zeonsilt's group thwarted it and Vittorio, the former prince of Neylern, made a request to Rufus to honor their plea of Neylern independence. Vittorio gave the friendship medal to Rufus. Rufus, impressed by the actions of the Peace Maintenance Brigade, agreed to speak to the king of Grangale. He commented that the Peace Maintenance Brigade had become different from what it was in the past. When departing from Jaergen, he came across Gaerik, and they had an argument. Gaerik claimed that Rufus lost his love of country and broke the oath to Wolgainer. However Rufus tried to convince him that it was different and that everyone should work together for peace. He kept his promise to Vittorio, to try to convince the Grangale king.

Rufus passed the friendship medal to Gaerik. He lent his help to Zeonsilt's group when Screapers attacked rampantly after the mysterious girl used the Screaper remote.

In the alternate history that Shuweizer created by killing Zeonsilt, Rufus was killed by Ziekwalt.

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