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Rukias (Ruchias)
Age: 15
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Voice: Rika Komatsu (JP)
Origin: great land village

A traveling boy found on the sealed continent, Goatland, which was newly released. When he was attacked by Terrorists, he was rescued by Merklich and Wendy and since then he joined their company. He called Merklich the "Brave Guard" and seemed to know who he was but wondered why Merklich was working for Monopolis instead of being by the shrine maiden's side. Also, why was the shrine maiden Iristelessa acting with the Resistance. Confused by these facts, he decided to accompany Merklich to further observe him and find answers. However, he refused to talk about what he was acting for.

He is a sharp and mature boy and sought intently to become stronger. It was because he couldn't save someone in the past, and he had a nightmare about it every night. He and a girl named Lera were attacked by monsters. He urged her to run while he stopped the monsters, however he passed out at fighting them but he was safe. When he went to go find Lera, she was killed violently by the monsters. So strongly he regretted his powerlessness, he wanted to become strong so that he would never have to suffer that again.

He is a survivor from the "great land" village, the village where the shrine maidens come from. Monopolis had attacked it five years ago, and he escaped with an elderly man who now lived in Leystan. He is serious when it comes to the Dragon Orb and he is loyal to his home village although it is in ruins.

Accompanying Merklich, he vowed that he would surpass Merklich in terms of strength and ability. As a child he often heard stories of the Brave Guard, and he wanted to become a Brave Guard himself.

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