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Sandra Fallsmyer (Forsmayer, Fallsmeyer)
Age: 38
Height: ---
Voice: Shizumi Niki (JP)
Likes: family, Rolandia Kingdom
Dislikes: none in particular
Special Skill: magic research, homunculus creation
Origin: Rolandia

Court Sorceress of Rolandia. She holds exceptional magic power and knowledge. She was a student at the Magic Academy when she was young, aspiring to be a royal palace mage. She achieved that goal and worked in the court of Rolandia, and when a mysterious abandoned baby was left there, the court attempted to see into its future. They prophesied that the child would become a "threat to destroy the world" or the "light which saves the world". She adopted the baby Carmaine to raise him like her own child. Shortly after, she gave birth to Louise during a full solar eclipse.

As a woman of powerful magic ability, she is said to be a prominent sage even throughout the continent. Because of that she became a trusted aide of King Arcadius when she was young and has provided precise advice to him. She always appears to have a calm composure and doesn't often show emotional expressions.

She is loved as a kind mother by her children although they may think she is a little scary sometimes. She created the homunculus fairy Tippi to look after them.

Mysterious masked knights broke into her laboratory to steal books. She was attacked and poisoned. She was in danger of dying, and Carmaine had to seek the help of Featherians to cure her.

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