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Seldous (Seldiss, Seldis, Celdis)
Age: 44
Voice: Koichi Nagano (JP) | Kirk Thornton (EN)
Origin: Traveler, Peace Maintenance Brigade

Commander-in-chief of the Peace Maintenance Brigade. Twenty years ago, he sought to investigate the legend of paradise in an attempt to create a peaceful world without conflict. He and his childhood friend Vanette had become orphans due to war when they were children. For this reason they longed to find a way to stop wars between countries. They met Isaac collapsed in a battlefield and he joined them because they had the same goal. At the end of their adventure, they exhumed the powerful ancient weapon called the Admonisher. With the help of Pernagi, a Pothrad race being, they restored the Admonisher and threatened to use it to end the war between Grangale and Neylern.

He proposed marriage to Vanette and they later had a baby son, Krious. Shortly after giving birth, she participated in a battle and passed away after returning home. Seldous was hurt with grief and wanted the war to claim no more lives. Before, he was reluctant to use the Admonisher, but after Vanette died he agreed with Isaac that action should be taken. He decided to fire the Admonisher himself so that he would be fully responsible.

With an intense blow, it devastated Grangale and subdued the wars that had persisted for a long time. After that, he founded the Peace Maintenance Brigade, which sets its objective to repress acts of war in the continent without affiliation with any country. He organized peace maintenance conferences, which are opened periodically, and aimed for maintaining peace by means of discussion.

He was in charge of the politics and diplomacy branch of the PMB, with his son Krious under him.

He was killed when he and Isaac drove the Admonisher into the Queen Screaper.

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