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Sherris (Shelis, Sheris)
Age: 19
Voice: Yuu Asakawa (JP) | Kari Wahlgren (EN)
Origin: Felmentia, Cyriltia

The younger sister of the King of Cyriltia, who governs the second most powerful country in the continent, located in the west. Her kingly brother was ill and could not attend parliament meetings, so she was granted diplomatic privileges to represent the Kingdom of Cyriltia and attended the peace assemblies in his place. The military arts she learned during her studies abroad have earned her the title of "Slayer": one who can single-handedly defeat a Screaper. She also serves the important responsibility of Captain of the Guard.

She and Krious were friends since they were children, as they would play together on visits along with her brother. Krious used to talk about his ideals of true peace on the continent, and Sherris became bit disappointed that he didn't pursue them any more. She believes the Peace Maintenance Brigade could be doing more to resolve the relations between the countries.

With help from Zeonsilt's group, she found out about an underhanded scheme to assassinate the king. Her uncle Sven, brother of the former king, was plotting to take the throne by having his nephew the current king poisoned and assassinated. Exposing his scheme, Sherris saved the king and Sven lost his position.

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