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Characters > Shuweizer

Age: 23
Voice: Kazuya Kobayashi (JP)
Origin: Monopolis

The son of Monopolis commander Brandole and brother of Anita. He led the Red Wolf troop, a special division in Monopolis' private army. Merklich and Wendy became under his command. His troop was called Red Wolves probably because of the red clothing he liked to wear. Terrorists called him "red wolf" in fear and he became to be called "Red Wolf Shuweizer". He is a formidable fighter and capable leader.

He led a party to travel to Goatland continent which had been newly released from a barrier. Merklich and Wendy were among the troop. However, the boat was attacked by Screapers, and even he couldn't handle them all as a Bishop Screaper appeared, and the boat was shipwrecked. Shuweizer, Merklich, and Wendy washed up ashore on the beach of Warslee, and he immediately went off to find Geilenach, the capital of Grangale kingdom. Their objective was to expand their markets to the Goatland continent selling Pollumine, a magical plant that Monopolis developed.

However, he began doing objectionable acts to achieve his goals, such as going into the past to kill Zeonsilt, slaughter Pothrads, and steal the Dragon Orb and Admonisher. He also captured Iristelessa to manipulate her magic power with the Dragon Orb, using Maxwell as hostage. Merklich's party had to counteract these events by traveling into the past themselves.

Shuweizer had an operation done on him that allowed him to travel to the past. It was first applied on Anita, imperfectly, and then perfected on Shuweizer.

Merklich's party had to fight against him a number of times. Shuweizer found out about Infinitor, and acted to stop Infinitor's plans his own way and wanted to control the world himself. Merklich's party challenged him that if they could defeat him, he would have to cooperate with them. They defeated him finally and he had to keep the promise.

However he was shot by Neilis as she declared that anyone who had time travel ability would be a threat to Infinitor. He was presumed dead. To keep up Monopolis's image, Shayer instead publicized that Shuweizer was in prolonged rest due to illness and couldn't act as Monopolis commander, hence Anita became commander. He actually narrowly survived as Shayer put him in a pod that Monopolis had taken from the great land village. The pod recovered him but he lost his time travel ability. He kept his identity hidden and acted as a Red Wolf member fighting Screapers and supported Merklich's group and Monopolis from the shadows so that Merklich could focus on his tasks. He believed it would be better for him to be presumed dead because his body would be a suitable host for Infinitor if Brandole's body couldn't be used any more.

He is concerned for his sister Anita's well-being and she respects him.

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