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Age: 36 [I] / 37 [II]
Height: 194 cm
Voice: Tessho Genda (JP)
Likes: comrades
Dislikes: memory of past tragedies
Special Skill: swordplay, war strategy, sharp sense of smell and hearing
Origin: Rolandia

A mercenary who lost his eyes in a fight against some mysterious masked dark knights. He became known as the "wandering warrior". Twenty years prior, the mercenary group he belonged to was destroyed at an incident at a crystal mine. He has been searching for his respected group leader who had gone missing. Two years ago he was attacked by masked warriors and he lost his eyes and dominant arm. He was rescued by the chief of Clain village, Zemekis. Sandra made artificial eyes and arm for him, and he continues his journey unyieldingly to go through with his convictions. As a debt of gratitude to Sandra, he decided to accompany her adopted son Carmaine and help him in his journey.

He has sharp sense of smell and hearing, and even a sharp sense of the feelings of people around him. His head is logical and wise although at times he will seem cold. Even in his rigid character, he'll show kindness. He is accomplished in both the literary and military arts.

He was vice-captain of Belgar's mercenary group. When Wallace was young, his life was saved by Belgar, and he returned the favor by serving in the mercenary group. He became an expert with the sword while he was young.

After the Venzern incident was resolved, he became a general of Rolandia kingdom.

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