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Wein Cruz (Crouse)
Age: 17
Height: 172 cm
Voice: Yuka Imai (JP) | Owen McIntosh (EN)
GLII, GLIII importable
Likes: historic ruins, gazing at a peaceful city
Dislikes: boredom
Special Skill: physical activity
Origin: Burnstein

The protagonist of Growlanser II. A boy who aspired to become an Imperial Knight, the powerful knights of Burnstein kingdom famed across the continent. He admired the skill and stature of the Imperial Knights ever since he was young. A single Imperial Knight was said to have the strength and ability of a hundred soldiers, and Wein imagined that he too would become one to serve the kingdom and provide inspiration for others. He entered the military academy for this purpose.

When he was a child, he met a girl in the grasslands, Arieta, but he had forgotten her name. He learned to play the ocarina from her. One day he failed to meet her as promised due to being busy with his father. He couldn't find her, but she had left the ocarina. He was depressed after that, and asked his father what to do. His father told him that Imperial Knights were the best of the best, and Wein should aim to become one in order to be a splendid person.

He trained at the officers' academy and Logan was his commander. At the academy he became close friends with Maximillian Schneider. He excelled at the combat exam and even Oscar Reaves congratulated him on his good performance. Shortly after this, war broke out between Burnstein and Rolandia. Monsters appeared near Starkberg city, and Wein and Max were ordered to fight them alongside Logan. They rescued Hans and other orphans, and then were put on a mission to investigate the appearance of Yungs near the city. They found a small ruin west of Starkberg, and in it was a magical mask that was sealed out of reach with a barrier. Since there was no way to obtain it, they left it alone.

Wein and Max graduated from the academy and were knighted by young King Eliotte. However, they parted ways as Max chose to become a diplomat. At this time, the war between the three kingdoms Burnstein, Rolandia, and Ranzack came to an end. To fulfill his dream, Wein began to carry out several missions for the kingdom, steadily earning skill and strength as a fighter and leader. He became a commissioned officer and captain of a squadron. Half a year after the war ended, Hans Bearnt and Charlone Claudius were placed under his command and they acted as a team.

Through several events, they were framed and war broke out between Rolandia and Burnstein. This was part of Wolfgang's plan in his quest to create his own nation and wage war on the continent. They had to solve the crime, and along the way Xenos and Riviera joined them. They found out about Wolfgang's plan and endeavored to stop him. Carmaine Fallsmyer also joined them to bring peace back to the continent.

They also frequently encountered Arieta, who was possessed by Gevas. Wein wanted to find out what her objective was, and they pursued her inside the Dimensional Fusion Control Tower. It started to levitate and fly. They found Gevas' body imprisoned there. Gevas's soul left Arieta's body and returned to his own body, but took Arieta's soul hostage. Gevas planned to revive and take the world back from humans. Wein was able to save Arieta by using a neural device to communicate with her soul. They party defeated Gevas and the tower ended up in the grasslands in Burnstein.

Upon returning to Burnstein capital, Wein was declared Imperial Knight by King Eliotte because of his superb service.

They infiltrated Wolfgang's base and fought him in a giant neural armor. They defeated him, putting an end to the war, and reported to King Eliotte. After this, Maximillian was reported occupying the Dimensional Fusion Control Tower. He had taken the Power Mask they had found in ruins eariler and was about to use it with the transmission device in the Tower to brainwash the masses. He wanted to use it to prevent conflicts and erase war. Wein's party fought him and defeated him before he was successful.

Wein actually came from a noted merchant family that had fallen in the past. His father was William Cruz who was also father of Wolfgang. Wolfgang was his older half-brother.

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