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Wendy (Wendiana)
Age: 18
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Voice: Ami Koshimizu (JP)
Origin: Hingistan

At first, a member of the Monopolis company. She was elected as a member of the Red Wolf troop with Merklich; thereafter they acted together as partners. Learning the "Heat Haze" style of spearmanship, she boasts top-notch skill. Her personality is cheerful, strong-willed, and diligent. She was secretly investigating a man called Maxwell using the database at Monopolis. It seems that she and Merklich received an operation that made them lose their memories, however Wendy's wasn't as severe as Merklich's.

She actually joined Monopolis corporation in order to search for her brother Maxwell. Maxwell and Wendy are from the royal family of Hingistan kingdom. She is the third daughter of the king, daughter of a concubine, and her real name is Wendiana. The kingdom was becoming corrupted due to the prime minister Zafreed abusing his power. Maxwell left the castle and went missing, and Wendy couldn't stand seeing any more corruption happening in the castle, so she also left to find her brother. She knew that he joined Monopolis, therefore she followed suit.

She dislikes insects and boats. She likes cooking. She learned cooking for the two attendants that went with her when she left the castle, Beckel and Meine. They didn't let her do work, but she wanted to do something helpful for them.

After the revolution of Hingistan, she became emotionally troubled about what would become of her and where did she belong, although the revolution was one of her goals. There was no longer going to be a monarchy, and she would no longer be a princess. Merklich told her that she was one of them and she continued to accompany him, eventually defeating Infinitor.

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