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Characters > Wolfgang

Age: 22
Height: 191 cm
Voice: Tomoyuki Shimura (JP) | Keith Lack (EN)
Likes: comrades
Dislikes: people who scorn mercenaries
Special Skill: swordplay, war tactics
Origin: Zauerberg, Burnstein

Leader of the Grandzenschtraum mercenary band, he is a true force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Skilled in battle tactics and a remarkable fighter, Wolfgang became one of the best-known mercenaries in the three kingdoms. He was hired by Logan to fight in the war against Rolandia.

He was introduced to Wein when he and Maximillian were assigned to fight at Starkberg. Wolfgang wanted to have Wein's background investigated because of his last name Cruz.

When the war ended, he and his group were without a job. He secretly made armored monsters attack villages, forcing the villages to hire the Grandzenschtraum mercenaries for protection. However, Wein began investigating the marauders and Wolfgang's band could not keep up the charade.

He despised the fact that mercenaries were treated poorly after they worked hard and risked their lives in wars as hired help. He claimed the Lost Forest to be the territory of Grandzenschtraum nation, where mercenaries have a home to return to. He wished to create a nation of independence for mercenaries. Rather than rule like a king, he favored the idea of a democratic system because he gave consideration to the ideas of the populace. He planned to claim more territory in the continent from Burnstein, Rolandia, and Ranzack to expand his empire and waged war on anyone who would oppose him.

First, he wanted to cause the war between Rolandia and Burnstein to exhaust their forces before they fought against him. He had Maximillian's messenger and Patrick frame Wein's squad in breaking a dam in Rolandia. The operation was a success in causing war between Burnstein and Rolandia until Wein investigated and brought the truth to light. Wolfgang then declared his nation of independence and fought against the three kingdoms.

Wein's party infiltrated Wolfgang's base in north Lost Forest to stop him. Wolfgang mounted a large neural armor, the latest improvement gained from their Neural Armor research, to fight them. Wein's party defeated Wolfgang. By destroying the neural armor, the controller would die. Before dying, Wolfgang requested Wein to be lenient on the mercenary followers because they were only following Wolfgang's dream. He wanted to take all the blame for the rebellion.

Wolfgang was in fact Wein's older half-brother and his real name was Leonard Zauer. His father abandoned the home, and his mother Lady Zauer became alienated. She began to direct her hatred toward her son. She remarried, and Leonard's stepfather almost murdered him. This was how he lost his right eye. Leonard ran away from home and entered the mercenary field, and took the name Wolfgang. He sought revenge by burning the Zauer's house, killing all except the servants. He came across his father William Cruz in a forest and and killed him. He held bitter resentment to William for not being a proper father and for the results he caused Wolfgang to suffer by abandoning him.

Wein may choose to join Wolfgang in fighting for the mercenary nation.

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