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Yurii (Yurry)
Age: ---
Voice: Yurika Ochiai (JP)
Origin: Elphan Forest

A perfectionist fairy who trained diligently in all fields and was reigning champion of the Fairy Contest for two years, earning the title "Queen of Pixies". Her dream was to be the one to serve the legendary hero. She is prideful and doesn't normally ask others for help. She acts a bit conceited toward Korin, a rival fairy, but very polite and respectful to humans. She is a bit famous on the Goatland continent due to her status.

She warned Zeonsilt that they would lose two people important to them. She has the power to see the future sometimes, although Miranda's ability is actually stronger than hers and Yurii admits to it.

She encountered Merklich washed up on the beach of Warslee and believed him to be the legendary hero. The legend passed among fairies said that a hero will appear after the seal on the continent lifted and he will lead the world to peace. She decided to accompany him thereafter to be his guide. She respectfully calls him "yuusha-sama" (heroic one).

One of the main ways she helps Merklich is by using time distortions to send his party into the past to correct Shuweizer's criminal acts. However when they decide to change history by going into the past to perform a sealing technique on the Queen Screaper at the time Zeonsilt's party defeated it, she had to request the help of the other fairies to do it. It was was a great feat and it took a toll on the fairies' bodies.

While being with Merklich she began to regret the fact that she was a fairy and would rather be a human. If she were human, she could help Merklich fight in battle.

If Merklich chose Yurii in the final battle against Infinitor, she would turn human from being in the escape pod which they used to escape from the soaring ship.

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