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Ziekwalt (Zeakvalt)
Age: 28
Voice: Fumihiko Tachiki (JP)

A traveler who met Zeonsilt's party on a boat partway through their journey to the Pothradian settlement. Ziekwalt was heading to the same destination. He is a powerful warrior who can single-handedly fight monsters and Screapers, and he was seeking to kill the Queen Screaper. Korin was interested in him briefly, believing he could possibly be the legendary hero because he looked strong. He is sharp for his age, with cold eyes that make an impression.

He was in fact the bio-weapon released at the ruins at Mount Nostal which Rockbein opened. He was sealed there for almost two hundred years and didn't know the current state of the world since he was sealed. Once released he sought the Pothrads to inquire about the state of the land.

Ziekwalt stole Dragon Orb from the Admonisher, causing it to fall. He believed the Dragon Orb's power was being misused, causing the land to decay because it draws power from the land. Seldous called him out to reason with him to cooperate. He said that only he could defeat the Queen Screaper because that was what he was created for. He had to wait until his strength returned. He can absorb life energy from other humans to increase his own strength. With the stolen vital energy, Ziekwalt could change humans into mutant Screapers and manipulate them at will.

About two hundred years before the Peace Maintenance Brigade was founded, Ziekwalt and his comrades sought to kill the Queen Screaper in order to stop the decay of the continent's land. They modified their bodies in order to be able to fight the Queen Screaper. Only twenty-seven people were able to survive this operation; Ziekwalt was one of them. They would become anti-Screaper biological weapons. There were two ways to dispossess life energy from others; one was touching the target directly, and the other is a ranged distance skill "energy drain". The stronger the target, the more strength they absorb.

Several fellow biological weapon comrades cooperated to fight the Queen Screaper but it was a failure. Ziekwalt and his comrades sought cooperation from each country. This turned out fruitless because they were seen as a threat and were pursued. Only the country Grangale promised to help but betrayed them, setting a trap to kill them. Dio, Ziekwalt's comrade, was poisoned and he gave the friendship medal to Ziekwalt before dying. All of his comrades were killed, leaving Ziekwalt the only one remaining.

He fled to a village where he met Claressa, a Slayer, and became her follower. He fell in love with Claressa's daughter, Eleya, and had a family with her. He gave the friendship medal to Eleya because he was indebted to her and her villagers. Elessa is their descendant.

Ziekwalt disliked the fact that stealing others' lives for his own made him inhuman and wished to stop it, but saw it as the only choice in order to defeat the Queen Screaper. Alone, he traveled around the continent to attack people to absorb their energy and accelerate his strength growth. The countries cooperated to have Ziekwalt put away. However, one by one they were defeated and absorbed by Ziekwalt and there was no way to defeat him. With the help of the Pothrads, Grangalians lured Ziekwalt to Nostal ruins and sealed him.

About two hundred years later Elessa, who was acting as a spy within the PMB, found a way to release that seal. Rockbein sacrificed his life to release the seal by baiting the Admonisher, and Ziekwalt was set free. He met Elessa, the descendant of Eleya and himself, in the ruins where he was sealed. She pleaded him to help Neylern but he absorbed her energy, leaving her almost dead. He sought revenge against Grangale for what they did to him and his comrades in the past. Ziekwalt was about to kill Gaerik by absorbing his life energy, but Wolgainer saved him at the cost of his life. Ziekwalt killed Wolgainer and took his vital energy. Ziekwalt preyed on hundreds of other lives but Zeonsilt's party defeated him. He gave back the Dragon Orb after being defeated and also gave a ring which had a special gem that can break the barrier of Kaiseris Island.

In the alternate history that Shuweizer created by killing Zeonsilt, Ziekwalt preyed on many people including Gaerik and Rufus, and was the one who defeated the Queen Screaper properly. He died in the process.

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