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Carmaine Fallsmyer
Sandra's adopted son. He has vivid dreams at night of times past and of the outside world which he knows nothing about.
A fairy-like homunculus created by Sandra to watch after Carmaine and be his companion. She won't hesitate to kick him if he acts out of line. She is perky and outspoken.
Louise Fallsmyer
Carmaine's younger sister, and real daughter of Sandra. She was born during a complete solar eclipse, which makes her a potentially powerful wielder of magic called a Growsian. She is shy, sweet and loves her older brother.
Sandra Fallsmyer
Court Sorceress of Rolandia. She is Carmaine's adopted mother. She is gentle but stern.
A scholar, actually a researcher at the Magic Academy. He has a laboratory where he conducts his studies and develops technologies.
A gentle girl who is chased by bandits. She collects herbs and works in medicine.
Karen's older brother. He is a strong mercenary and protective of his sister.
A skilled swordfighter brooding over something. He scorns his purpose for wielding a sword.
A mercenary who lost his eyes in a fight against some mysterious masked dark knights. He used to be known as the "wandering warrior".
A boy who along with his parents were targeted by Oswald. Carmaine and his party rescued them. He is told by his parents to deliver a letter to Rosaria before they must leave.
Student at the Magic Academy and friend of Ruise. She is a spunky and clumsy girl.
The Prince of Burnstein and one of the Imperial Knights, called the Imperial Knight Master. He was soon crowned King.
Ernest Lyell
Imperial Knight of Burnstein. He is quiet and has a cold but polite demeanor.
Oscar Reaves
Imperial Knight of Burnstein. He has kind of a haughty attitude, at least to his enemies.
Venzern (Venzel)
A Growsian sorcerer who seems to step in randomly to help out our heroes.
General of Ranzack. He's said to be a man of few words but warm-hearted. Wallace says he was a mercenary comrade of his, a vice-captain.
Official of Burnstein Kingdom. He was also a vice-captain of Wallace's old mercenary unit.
A legendary monster that was sealed a long time ago in the crystal mines. He is very powerful and wants to rule over humans.
Amelia (PSP ver. only)
A girl researching the space-time distortions. She is an excellent researcher who receives special treatment at even the Magic Academy. However, outside of research, she is clumsy and will blunder on crucial situations.
Melfie (PSP ver. only)
A girl of the race of people with wings on their backs, the Featherians. Although she is among the Featherians, which highly regard cooperation, for some reason she is acting independently. She bears a strong hatred for humans, especially Growsians.
Justin (PSP ver. only)
A man who always accompanies Melfie. He holds Melfie in high esteem although they are of different races. Every time Melfie starts a quarrel with humans, he peaceably intervenes.

Mysterious ghost woman who seems to know Carmaine.

Chancellor Maxwell
Headmaster of the Magic Academy. He has great interest in research and study. Misha thinks of him as a grandfather and has fond memories of him.

Vice-chancellor of the Magic Academy.

Queen Stella
Queen of Featherians. She views humans with dislike and mistrust.

Princess Letitia
Princess of Rolandia, Arcadius' beautiful daughter.

Ranzack King
The King of Ranzack.

A Growsian woman who works at the Rashell health resort. She took care of Karen when she was hurt.

Monster Tamer
Burnstein Shadow Knight, an expert monster tamer.

Carmaine lookalike who claimed to be his long-lost twin brother.

Eliotte's mother.

Bandit leader who tried to make trouble with Karen and Eliotte.

Danny Greys
Researcher of featherians who wrote a book on them.

King Arcadius
King of Rolandia. He gives duties and missions to Carmaine's group.

Respected General of Rolandia.

Chief of Klein Village. A Growsian.

Irene's boyfriend.

Boss of a band of thieves who is supporting the war. He has a brother that looks like him.

Rolandian general.

Julian's father.

Ariost's mother, a Featherian imprisoned for mingling with a human.

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