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An RPG with a real-time battle system. Growlanser was on Sony Playstation 1 and was released in Japan in November 1999. The protagonist is silent and the player may determine his personality. A personality test at the beginning of the game determines the main character's stats and skills. The game has a complex story with branching paths and vivid characters. There are dating simulation elements as there are several party characters to build relationships with. This affects the multiple endings that become available. Some characters can only be recruited after fulfilling certain conditions.

Growlanser calls itself a "non-stop dramatic action" RPG where story events occur even during battle. Its battle system is called "real-time mission clear" which simulates a realistic world where the surrounding people (if the battlefield is in a city, then citizens are present, for example) are also involved in the fight, and it's not only "enemy vs. party". Objectives in order to win a battle are varied to give more engaging gameplay.

Director: Shinjiro Takada
Scenario Writer: Yoh Haduki
Character Designer: Satoshi Urushihara
Music Composer: Noriyuki Iwadare
Opening Theme (PSX): Alulu-Kan, Ayumi Outsu
Opening Theme (PSP): Yukari Tamura, Maho Tomita
Ending Theme (PSP): Maho Tomita

Release Date:
November 25, 1999 (PlayStation)
May 14, 2009 (PlayStation Portable)

Growlanser PSP Port
Growlanser is remade and ported to PlayStation Portable for its 10th anniversary in May 2009. PSP version has new characters, scenarios, routes, and other additions.

Growlanser, PSX, JP
Growlanser (Atlus Best Collection), PSX, JP
Growlanser, PC, JP
Growlanser Collection, PSX, JP
Growlanser, PSP, JP

Special thanks to Borgor and Inverse1983 for English translation of the script.

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