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Growlanser PSP edition's new character confirmed (2009/04/12)
• New characters and new routes added

In 1999 the first of the Growlanser series was released and thereafter continues to be loved by fans. Labeling itself "non-stop dramatic RPG" series, the first title is remade for PSP with new power-ups. Here, one new character is introduced -- Justin. Furthermore, the already established characters are introduced anew.

Voice: Yasunori Masutani
Always accompanies Melfie. He has a strong sense of justice; when he sees the dispute with humans he shows a harsh, grieving expression. He holds Melfie in high esteem although they are of different races.
HERO (Age 17)
When he was born, he immediately became an abandoned child but was picked up and raised by the royal court magician Sandra. As an infant, he received two contradictory predictions, "to become the darkness to destroy the world or the light which saves it". When he grew older, he was told by Sandra to go experience the outside world and therefore begins a trip outside the royal capital Rosaria.
AMELIA (Age 19)
Voice: Yukari Tamura
She is researching the space-time distortion. When she rushes she often blunders on crucial situations. A girl you somehow can't hate. Does she surpass Misha with the poor sense of direction?
MELFIE (Age 16)
Voice: Maho Tomita
As she is a Featherian, she has a pair of wings on her back. She bears a strong hatred for humans, especially Growsians. She has only opened up to one person, Justin.
RUISE (Age 14)
Voice: Rika Komatsu
Her hobby is collecting accessories, and her skill is making sweets. She is royal court magician Sandra's real daughter, a Growsian born under a total solar eclipse. Because of that, she is seen as strange by others and has a timid personality. In addition to being a natural magic user, she inherited her mother's diligence and is an honor student at the Magic Academy. There is no one at the Academy who doesn't know of her. She loves the Hero like a real brother.
WALLACE (Age 36)
Voice: Tesshou Genda
Special skill is swordplay and strategy. 20 years prior, the mercenary group he belonged to was destroyed at an incident at a crystal mine. He is searching for his respected group leader who has gone missing. 2 years ago he was attacked by masked warriors and he lost his eyes and dominant arm. They are exchanged with artificial eyes and arm, and even now he continues his journey.
ARIOST (Age 25)
Voice: Shinichirou Miki
Special skill is inventing magical machines and researching magic technology. He is a prodigy respected at the Magic Academy where the whole continent's knowledge is gathered. Applying that information, he invents various magical mechanisms. At present he is developing an equipment device to fly in the sky, but he seems to have a deeper reason for it.
KAREN (Age 20)
Voice: Ruri Asano
Special skill is knowledge of medicinal plants. She is younger sister of Xenos, a gladiator at Granshill. There is no one else who knows medicinal plants better than she does, and she makes use of it at the health preservation clinic. Originally, it was for her brother who doesn't cease to get injured.

• New Routes Added

Accompanied with new characters added, new routes are also added. Episodes which were not in the Playstation version can be enjoyed.

• RMC (Realtime Mission Clear) Battle System

In Growlanser, battle is part of the scenario, one battle is considered a 'mission' and many are incorporated. RMC battle simulates a realistic world where the surrounding people (if the battlefield is in a city, then citizens are present, for example) are also involved in the fight, and it's not only "enemy vs. party". Furthermore the tempo is increased, and more speedy battles can be enjoyed.

• Newly Drawn Existing Visuals

Existing visual scenes are also newly drawn. A treat for Urushihara fans.

Famitsu article 2009/04/10

Growlanser's Four Strongest Knights (2009/03/29)
• The knights which stand before the hero's way.

Growlanser was released on the Playstation November 25, 1999 and thereafter became a series of nonstop dramatic RPGs. For commemoration and revival of the first title, various new elements are incorporated in the PSP remake. Characteristic of this game is the charming characters interwoven in the consecutive events, and suitably is called "nonstop dramatic RPG". Introducing the 'Imperial Knights' which fight against the hero.

Imperial Knights

The top rank imperial guards of Burnschtein Kingdom. One Imperial Knights is said to have the strength of 100 soldiers. Not only is true strength demanded, but high dignity and intelligence in order to be one. The four Imperial Knights are Julian, Lyell, Reaves, and the master Richard. They will be the opponents to stand against the protagonist.

JULIAN (Age 17)
Voice: Chiharu Tezuka
Received special training for the gifted in fencing from his father who was former Imperial Knight. One day, questioning why he held a sword, he ran away from home. After that, he joined the Hero when he picked up the sword Julian threw away. They form a friendship, however war derails their fate and they become enemies.

LYELL (Age 21)
Voice: Ryoutaru Okiayu
Because he doesn't express emotions, he appears to be a cold character. With his self-imposed strictness, his loyalty to his master Richard is deeper than anyone's. He made acquaintance with Reaves from the military academy and they are very close friends.
REAVES (Age 21)
Voice: Yuuji Ueda
Contrastive to Lyell, he always has an eloquent smile on his face. He is kind toward anyone and is deeply trusted by his subordinates. His merit as an Imperial Knight is considerable -- when he wields his sword he will instantly consign his enemies to oblivion. He has a close friendship with master Richard and Lyell.
RICHARD (Age 14)
Voice: Tomoko Ishimura
The youngest in history to become an Imperial Knight and be knight master which leads them. He has strength beyond a normal human in combat ability. While he is prideful, he earnestly wishes for peace for his nation and has the natural disposition of a ruler. He loves Burnschtein Kingdom and puts it foremost, but war breaks out from his coronation ceremony due to an unknown person's manipulations and the three countries are swallowed up into war.

Creator Team Introduction

Director: Shinjirou Takada
Participated in the development of Growlanser series for many years. In charge of overal direction of this work. His latest work is Megami Ibunroku Devil Survivor.

Character Design: Satoshi Urushihara
Well-known illustrator and manga artist. In charge of character design for Growlanser series.

Scenario: You Haduki
Scenario writer in charge of main scenes in Growlanser series. His latest work is Megami Ibunroku Devil Survivor.

Sound: Noriyuki Iwadare
Sound creator of Growlanser. Composer who has produced much famous music in video games.

Famitsu article 2009/03/27

The masterpiece which boasts outstanding popularity among the GROWLANSER series appears on PSP (2009/02/15)

• The drama of majestic battle is resurrected by the palm of one's hand

Tales are told by colorfully abundant event scenes and Satoshi Urushihara's designed characters in the dramatic Growlanser RPG series. In commemoration, the first work is to be ported to PlayStation Portable. With additional elements with this port release, the series' traditional battle system, which makes strategy which requires the player's full presence possible, shall be introduced.

The boy who was adopted by Rolandia's imperial court sorceress Sandra received two contradictory predictions: "To become a source to destroy the world" and "To become a light to save the world". Uneasy about his future, Sandra did not show him outside the capital or let him have contact with the outside world. Then, on the morning he turned seventeen years old, she told him the day has come for him to set off.

With this popular illustrator's beautifully drawn characters, the drama of the battle is vividly depicted. The kinds of events incorporated in intervals of the story are extensive. Events also occur in the middle of battle and in field movement.
Characters are slightly redrawn. Here is a side-by-side comparison.

Age: 17
"Growlanser" -- the man called the Saviour of Light"
Protagonist of this work.
When he was a baby, he was cast before the royal palace and was taken into care.
At that time he received two contradictory predictions; to become "the darkness to destroy the world" or "the light to save the world".
In order to watch over his future, the royal magician Sandra took charge and adopted him.
He was raised inside the capital Rosaria without ever leaving it, but when he became of age to make his own judgments, Sandra allowed him to experience the outside world.
Thus he begins a trip outside Rosaria...

Age: 2 weeks old
"A fairy-figured homunculus who behaves freely and uncontrolled"
A homunculus (magic life-form) made to oversee the protagonist's journey.
She was created in the image of a fairy, which are beings that existed in folklore. With the wings on her back, she can fly freely.
She has a cute outward appearance but contrary to that her personality is quick-tempered and willful.
Her special move is "Tipi-chan kick".

Additional new routes introduce new characters
The scenarios of this work, which is said to be of the series' peak in success, is further increased in volume. Other than new episodes added which relate to the popular characters, new heroines introduced with new routes will be able to be enjoyed. Also, event visuals are newly illustrated.

AMELIA (Age 19) "A little thoughtless, but fantastic researcher."
Voice: Yukari Tamura
Main heroine of a new route. She is researching the space-time distortion. She has merit but often blunders on crucial situations. She appears to be flawless, but she is not. Somehow there is an impression one can't hate.
MELFIE (Age 16) "A Featherian girl who dislikes humans and Growsians."
Voice: Maho Tomita
A girl of the race of people with wings on their backs, the Featherians. Although she is among the Featherians, which highly regard cooperation, for some reason she is acting independently. She bears a strong hatred for humans, especially Growsians.

• Realtime Mission Clear Battle System
This system is the series' traditional battle system, which smoothly breaks into combat from event parts and completely changes the scene. The situation of the surroundings prior to battle greatly influence the combat tactics, and battle with full presence can be enjoyed. While making the best of the surrounding's circumstances, give precise instructions to your comrades amidst the progress of battle changing moment by moment and guide your team to victory.

In comparison to the original edition on PlayStation, the battle's tempo is elevated. In the battlefield's vicinity, third party persons such as town dwellers may also participate in the protagonists' fight.

According to the feelings held toward the hero by his company, there are factors which alter the development of the story. When special duties are cleared, a holiday can be taken. Thus, during the holidays, events occur when you speak to your comrades. Their feelings toward the hero may change.

Famitsu article 2009/02/06

Maker Atlus
Platform PlayStation Portable
Release Date 05/14/2009 Scheduled release
Price 6090 Yen (tax included)
Genre RPG / fantasy adventure
Notes Director: Shinjirou Takada, Character Design: Satoshi Urushihara, Scenario: You Haduki, Opening Theme song: Yukari Tamura [Tomorrow] (1st opening theme) / Maho Tomita [Crimson Star] (2nd opening theme), Ending Theme song: Maho Tomita [Link Sync]

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