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GROWLANSER II The Sense of Justice

GROWLANSER II is the direct sequel of GROWLANSER I, but more like a side-story rather than a true sequel, released on Playstation 2. It starts taking place while the events of Growlanser I are still happening. With Growlanser I as a background, several of the previous characters appear again here, including the protagonist of Growlanser I, Carmaine, as a voiced character. The game play is more like a tactical RPG than its predecessor; the world map and locations are not explorable fields, NPC's are spoken to by menus, and the party is now 8 count. The battle system is basically the same as Growlanser I but with a few improvements. Also instead of standard equipment, there is a "ring weapon" system that utilizes "gems" which give certain features to the characters in battle. Like Growlanser I, the game has a personality test which affects stats and skills, branching paths, and character affection building. The English version was released in Growlanser Generations bundled with GROWLANSER III, published by Working Designs.

Director: Shinjiro Takada
Scenario Writer: Yoh Haduki
Character Designer: Satoshi Urushihara
Music Composer: Hiroshi Fujioka
Opening Theme: Radio Drive
Ending Theme: Hiroko Kasahara

Release Date:
July 26, 2001 (JP)
December 7, 2004 (NA)

Growlanser II, PS2, JP
Growlanser II (Deluxe Pack), PS2, JP
Growlanser II (Atlus Best Collection), PS2, JP
Growlanser Collection, PS2, JP
Growlanser Generations, PS2, US
Growlanser Generations (Deluxe), PS2, US

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