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New Route of Fighting Comrades

In Growlanser IV Over Reloaded, the story may branch into many paths according to your actions and selections. Introducing one of the routes one of the unprecedented routes not possible in the original story.

You may part with allies that were in the original version and come to fight together with different comrades. You will collide with former comrades-in-arms in order to go through with your own conviction. This route also has beautifully animated scenes headed by Satoshi Urushihara.

Conversation scenes at Dulkheim side

Battle events with former comrades

New Limited Telephone Cards

Also, depending on where buyers preorder the game, they may receive a special telephone card (or a chair cover or Tosho card) with a risque illustration of a female character. Due to the nature of these illustrations, only links to the sample pictures are provided here. Please be advised.

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Messe Sanoh

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• Even more new features are confirmed

Loaded with many new features but with great care to the original version's virtue, there is meaning to the word "reloaded" put into the new title, Growlanser IV Over Reloaded. This time, two new characters are revealed!

Voice: Tatsuhisa Suzuki

Pupil of the master fencer Hien. He faces forward to the future so much that sometimes he is not able to see immediate surroundings, and it seems that he is unable to read situations. Ever since his life was saved by Pamela, he serves as her guard.

Voice: Tomo Sakurai

A gentle elder sister type. As a member of the mercenary group, she supports the protagonist's party from the shadows. Later, she will take a different line of action in terms of mercenary groups.

• "Holiday System" to deepen friendships with comrades

Player may pass time on days off with comrades. In response to fans' demands, characters that were not able to interact with on holidays in the original version are now available to deepen friendships with. With this, the number of individual character endings is also increased.

• Endings are greatly increased!

This title reaches over 40 endings. There is also a mode where you may confirm the endings you achieved and your percentage rate. Even replaying over many times, can you see all of the endings!?

Maker Atlus
Platform PlayStation Portable
Release Date August 18, 2011
Price 6279 Yen (tax included)
Genre RPG / fantasy

Producer: Shinjirou Takada, Director: Tadayoshi Ishihara, Character Design: Satoshi Urushihara, Sound: Tomoyuki Hamada

Famitsu article 2011/06/17


Promotion movie released for Growlanser IV Over Reloaded.

Watch the video here!



Voice: Hiromi Hirata

Elder sister of twins. Contrastive to her sister Meleene, she is serious, calm, and has common sense. She does not say much but when she tells her sister not to do anything strange, she tightly holds the reins. She believes Vester's word, a mysterious man who will grant a certain request. She is loyally devoted to him and considers carrying out his orders to be most important.

Voice: Yumi Shimura

Younger sister of twins. She considers disturbing things to be normal, and if she is displeased she is quick to raise her voice. She is a self-centered child who wants to be praised and fawned upon, but she has a mature side...

Growlanser IV OVER LOAD Official Site


• The Masterpiece is Revived as a New Work

The setting of the story is a world that is assailed by angels. Winning popularity for the genre of dark fantasy, Growlanser IV makes its evolution to the PSP in full scale. Serving as the series' character designer, Satoshi Urushihara adds new scenarios along with characters specific for the occasions. We shall introduce the game outline and the new components.

• World of Growlanser IV

The protagonist Crevaniel is said to be the "key to stop the angels" by the leader of a mercenary group. He must venture widely to solve the meaning of those words. Various events occur while moving through fields and fighting battles; drama from the situations is brought to climax. Happening in succession, the events should bring about nonstop excitement to the player!


Taken in by a mercenary group when he was young, he was raised like a son by the troop's captain. The captain said he was the "key to stop the angels".
Voice: Yuki Makishima

A survivor of the civilization of 2000 years ago, called a "Ruin Child". It seems she has a connection to the protagonist, but she has no memories other than knowing her name.

• Appearance of New Characters

Familiar Type D-MD
Voice: Youko Hikasa

She is devoted intently to tools and instruments. Stressing her special feature, she doesn't take very good care of herself. In addition, she believes that familiars should be used as tools by humans. She would give her life for the sake of her master. "Familars are merely tools. Tools are to be used. If one is destroyed, you can replace with a new one."
Voice: Yukika Teramoto

A bright and cheerful girl. She looks after the protagonist as his senior, but as the flames of war spread, her position will end up changing...

• New Story Developments are Added

From the player's selections and actions, the story will branch. Several story routes are appended that were not in the original edition. Even players who have played the original will enjoy a fresh experience in this great volume!

• Many Events are Added

From the story routes that are added, many new events can be experienced. Furthermore, not only new events, but the ones existing in the original are renovated!

• Former Character Pictures will be Open

The official website for this title will be open in a few days. The site will publicize all of the old character screen pictures!


Maker Atlus
Platform PlayStation Portable
Release Date 2011 Summer
Price Pending
Genre RPG / fantasy

Producer: Shinjirou Takada, Director: Tadayoshi Ishihara, Character Design: Satoshi Urushihara, Sound: Tomoyuki Hamada

Famitsu article 2011/04/28

Growlanser IV OVER RELOADED Official Site

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